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Michel Delville
Liège, Belgium
GenresJazz fusion, progressive rock
Occupation(s)Musician, teacher, writer, songwriter
InstrumentsGuitar, electronics
LabelsMoonjune, Voiceprint, Fazzul
Associated actsThe Wrong Object, douBt, Comicoperando

Michel Delville (born 1969) is a Belgian musician, writer and critic. Delville teaches literature at the University of Liège.[1] He is the author of books about comparative poetics and interdisciplinary studies.[2] He was awarded the 1998 SAMLA Book Award, the Choice Outstanding Book Award, the Léon Guérin Prize, the 2001 Alumni Award of the Belgian American Educational Foundation,[3] the rank of Officer of the Order of Leopold[4] I (2009), and the 2009 Prix Wernaers pour la recherche et la diffusion des connaissances.[5]

Delville has been performing and composing alternative music since the mid-1980s. His bands include The Wrong Object, douBt, Machine Mass feat. Dave Liebman, Alex Maguire's Electric 6tet, the New Texture Pan Tonal Fellowship (under the direction of Stanley Jason Zappa), the Ed Mann Project, and the Moving Tones. He has worked with Dave Liebman, Elton Dean, Annie Whitehead, Harry Beckett, Richard Sinclair, Ed Mann, Alex Maguire, Dagmar Krause, Benoît Moerlen, Tony Bianco, Karen Mantler, Geoff Leigh, Markus Stauss, Guy Segers, Klaus Blasquiz, Gilad Atzmon, and Dirk Wachtelear.

In 2009 he created the trio douBt with Alex Maguire and Tony Bianco. Their debut album, Never Pet a Burning Dog, included ex-Camel, Caravan and Hatfield and the North member Richard Sinclair on guest vocals and bass.[6] In 2010 he was invited to join and coordinate Comicoperando,[7] a tribute to the music of Robert Wyatt whose line-up includes Dagmar Krause, Richard Sinclair, Annie Whitehead, Gilad Atzmon, Alex Maguire, Chris Cutler, John Edwards, and Cristiano Calcagnile. In 2011 the band toured Europe and Canada as a sextet in 2011.[8] In 2012, Delville collaboratd with the international collective 48 Cameras and Robin Rimbaud.[9]

Selected bibliography[edit]

As author
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As editor or co-editor
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Selected discography[edit]

  • The Wrong Object, The Wrong Object feat. Ed Mann – Zappanale 2004 (Maximalist Records, promo CD, 2004)
  • The Wrong Object feat. Ed Mann Live at Zappanale (Arf Records, 2005)
  • The Wrong Object, The Unbelievable Truth (Moonjune, 2006) featuring Elton Dean
  • The Wrong Object, Platform One (Voiceprint, 2007) feat. Harry Beckett and Annie Whitehead
  • Trank Zappa Grappa in Varèse, More Light (Fazzul Music, 2007)
  • PaNoPTiCoN, Live at L'An Vert (After-Z Productions, 2008)
  • The Wrong Object, Stories from the Shed (studio release; Moonjune, January 2008)
  • Alex Maguire Sextet, Brewed in Belgium (Moonjune, 2008)
  • Trank Zappa Grappa in Varèse, TZGIV Play Zappa (Fazzul, 2009)
  • PaNoPTiCoN, Dawn of the New World (After-Z, 2009)
  • PaNoPTiCoN, Dusk of the New World (After-Z, 2009)
  • The Wrong Object feat. Stanley Jason Zappa and Nick Shrowaczewski, Live at Zappanale 2008 (Fazzul, 2009)
  • douBt (Alex Maguire/Michel Delville/Tony Bianco), Never Pet a Burning Dog (Moonjune, 2010)
  • PaNoPTiCoN, Live @ El Negocito (After-Z, 2011)
  • Machine Mass Trio (Tony Bianco/Michel Delville/Jordi Grognard), As Real as Thinking (Moonjune, 2011)
  • 48 Cameras, Right North, she said ... (Interzone, 2012)
  • douBt (Alex Maguire/Michel Delville/Tony Bianco), Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love (Moonjune, 2012)
  • Comicoperando, Live at the Bimhuis (promo CD)
  • NichelOdeon, Bath Salts (Lizard Rec/Den Rec, 2013)
  • Robin Rimbaud/48Cameras, We Could Bring You Silk in May (Interzone, 2013)
  • The Wrong Object, After the Exhibition (Moonjune, 2013)
  • Machine Mass feat. Dave Liebman, Inti (Moonjune, 2014)
  • Machine Mass, Plays Hendrix (Moonjune, 2017)
  • Eclectic Maybe Band (Joe Higham, Michel Delville, Catherine Smet, Guy Segers, Dirk Wachterlaer) (Discus, 2018)
  • The Wrong Object, Zappa Jawaka (Off, 2018)
  • Dominique Vantomme w. Tony Levin/Michel Delville/Maxime Lenssens, Vegir (MoonJune, 2018)
  • The Gödel Codex, Oak (Off, 2019)


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