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Michel Feher interviewed by Ràdio Web MACBA.

Michel Feher (born 1956) is a French philosopher and cultural theorist. He is a founding editor of Zone Books.[1] Feher is also co-founder and president of Cette France-là, Paris, a monitoring group on French immigration policy.[2] He writes for a number of outlets and has a semi-regular blog with the French journal Mediapart.[3] Feher has held the positions of Professor and Visiting Lecturer at various universities, including École Nationale Supérieure in Paris,[4] the University of California, Berkeley, and most recently, Goldsmiths, University of London (2013-2015).[5]

Together with Wendy Brown, Michel Feher is co-editor of Zone Books' series Near Futures.[6] In 2016, Feher co-edited "Europe at a Crossroads" with William Callison, Milad Odabaei and Aurélie Windels, the first issue of Near Futures Online, the digital companion to Zone’s Near Futures series.[7]


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