Michel II Government

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Michel II Government
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95th cabinet of Belgium (since 1830)
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Date formed9 December 2018
People and organisations
Head of statePhilippe of Belgium
Head of governmentCharles Michel
No. of ministers12
Member parties
Status in legislature
  • Minority coalition
  • 52 / 150
Election(s)2014 Belgian federal election
Legislature term(s)2014-2019
  • 20 December 2018
  • continuing resolution
Incoming formation8 December 2018
Outgoing formation18 December 2018
PredecessorMichel I

The Michel II Government is the current Federal Government of Belgium, led by Prime Minister Charles Michel. It is a centre minority coalition cabinet of Christian Democratic and Flemish (CD&V), the Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats (Open Vld) and the Reformist Movement (MR).


It came into existence on 9 December 2018 following the exit of N-VA from the Michel I Government. As the Prime Minister did not offer the government's resignation to the King until the 18th, it is constitutionally still the same government as the one that started in 2014, albeit a heavily reshuffled government following the resignation of all N-VA ministers and secretaries of state.[1] Politically, however, it is in an entirely different situation, as it has no support from N-VA and thus operates as a new government.

On 10 December, several parties had called for the government to propose a motion of confidence.[2][3]

Michel attempted to continue with the minority cabinet with support from the centre-left opposition, who instead announced on 18 December that they would submit a motion of no confidence against the cabinet.[4]

On 18 December, Premier Michel offered his resignation to King Philippe.[4][5]

On 20 December, the Chamber of Representatives almost unanimously voted a draft budget to enable provisional spending for the first three months of 2019 based on the 2018 budget.[6][7]

The King accepted Michel's resignation on 21 December after consulting party leaders.[8] The outgoing cabinet continues governing as a caretaker government, likely until after the European Parliament, Belgian regional and federal elections of 26 May 2019.[9]


Minister Name Party
Prime Minister Charles Michel MR
Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Consumer Affairs, Disabled Persons, Economy, Employment, Equal Rights and Fighting Poverty Kris Peeters CD&V
Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defence, Beliris and European Affairs Didier Reynders MR
Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Development Cooperation, Finance and fighting Fiscal Fraud Alexander De Croo Open VLD
Minister of Administrative Simplification, Digital Agenda, Postal Services and Telecom Philippe De Backer Open VLD
Minister of the Interior and Safety Pieter De Crem CD&V
Minister of Asylum, Migration, Health and Social Affairs Maggie De Block Open VLD
Minister of Justice and Director of Buildings Koen Geens CD&V
Minister of the Middle Class, SMEs, Self-employed, Agriculture, Social Integration and Urban Policy Denis Ducarme MR
Minister of Budget, Civil Service, National Lottery and Scientific Policy Sophie Wilmès MR
Minister of Pensions Daniel Bacquelaine MR
Minister of Mobility and the National Railway Company François Bellot MR
Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Marie-Christine Marghem MR


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