Michel Kichka

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Michel Kichka
Michel Kichka cr.jpg
Michel Kichka, 2008
Born 1954
Liège, Belgium
Nationality Israel
Area(s) Artist
Awards Chevalier Des Arts Et Des Lettres (2011), Dosh Award (2008)

Michel Kichka (born 1954 in Liège, Belgium[1]) is an Israeli cartoonist and illustrator of Belgian origin.

Michel Kichka moved to Israel in 1974 and studied art at the Bezalel Academy, where he became an instructor and one of Israel's leading comic book artists and political cartoonists.[2][3][4] Students he trained in the field include Rutu Modan and Uri Fink.[4] Kichka produces comics in French and Hebrew for various media outlets including Le Monde and TV5.[5] Kichka won the Israeli Dosh Cartoonist Award in 2008.[3] In 2006 he joined the UNRIC movement Cartooning for Peace.[1][6] In 2011 he was granted the prestigious Chevalier Des Arts Et Des Lettres honor by the French Culture Ministry.[4] Kichka serves as head of the Israel Cartoonists Guild.[1]


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