Michel Twerski

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Horenstypler Rebbe
Michel Twerski
Residence Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nationality American
Occupation Rabbi
Organization Congregation Beth Jehudah
Title Rabbi, Rebbe
Spouse(s) Feige Twerski

Rabbi Michel Twerski is an American Hasidic rabbi. He currently heads the Beth Jehudah congregation in Milwaukee. He is the brother of psychiatrist Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski.[1] Rabbi Twerski is a descendent of the Chernobyler Hasidic dynasty. He is also known as the Hornosteipler Rebbe of Milwaukee.[2]


Rabbi Michel Twerski is married to Rebbitzin Feige Twerski, a Jewish author and lecturer.[3][4]

Rabbi Michel Twerski is a son of Grand Rebbe Jacob Israel Twerski (1898–1973) of Hornosteipel of Milwaukee, Wisconsin a scion of the Chernobyl Hasidic dynasty, and Dvorah Leah Twerski (1900–1995). After his father's death, Rabbi Michel succeeded his father as Grand Rebbe.

Rabbi Michel Twerski is the brother of author, psychiatrist Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Contributions to the Jewish community[edit]

Rabbi Twerski has been cited as the driving force behind Milwaukee's growing Orthodox Jewish community.


As is common among Hasidic Rebbes, Rabbi Twerski has composed a number Hasidic tunes, or nigunim.


Rabbi Twerski received a number of tributes in his honor, recognizing his contributions to the Hasidic Jewish community and his musical accomplishments.

Congressional tribute[edit]

Thomas M. Barrett of Wisconsin gave a tribute to Rabbi Twerski in the United States Congress. Rabbi Twerski was honored for his contribution to Jewish life and to the world of music.[3]

Milwaukee Orchestra Tribute[edit]

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra conducted a tribute honoring Rabbi Twerski's musical contributions.[3]


External links[edit]

Rabbi Twerski's teachings are available on the web at a number of sources: