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Michel Zen-Ruffinen (born April 24, 1959) served as the General Secretary of international governing body of association football FIFA, from 1998 to 2002.[1]

A lawyer by education (sports law),[2] a respected football referee in the past.[3][4] In FIFA's career started in 1986. Very soon Sepp Blatter, then General Secretary of the Association, has put him at the head of the legal Department of FIFA, then appointed his Deputy, and became President of FIFA, has been nominated to the post of General Secretary.

The third of May 2002, Michel Zen-Ruffinen presented at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Federation a report which put forward serious accusations against President Blatter.[5] Five Vice-presidents from seven demanded that Blatter had resigned, but the Committee had preferred that he submitted a written explanation on all eight counts. Soon, due to significant disagreements with the current leadership was forced to leave the position.[6]

In 2007 he was appointed head of the Association of football agents (AFA).[7]

In 2015, expressed his intention to run for FIFA post President. But in the end decided not to.[8]


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