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Michel de Sèvre or de Seurre (active 1539–1593), Knight of St John, was a French courtier and diplomat, Grand Master of the Order of Saint Lazarus 1564–1578 and 1586–1593.


In 1560 de Sèvre was sent to the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England as ambassador of King Francis II of France, to negotiate the withdrawal of French and English forces from Scotland.[1][2] He was, at the time, a royal chamberlain, privy councillor, and captain of a company of men at arms. He continued in office as ambassador until 1562, when he was recalled by King Charles IX of France.

In 1564 he was appointed Grand Master of the Order of Saint Lazarus, serving in that capacity until 1578, and then again from 1586 to 1593.

Seigneur de Sèvre was known for his cynical and caustic wit.[3] In 1584 he was physically assaulted in the council chamber by King Henry III of France, for a perceived insult.[4]


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