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PronunciationEnglish: /mɪˈʃɛl, m-, ˈmʃɛl/
Italian: [miˈkɛːle]
GenderFemale, Male (Italian)
Word/nameHebrew via French
MeaningWho is like God?
Other names
Related namesMichael, Michel, Michelle

Michele (pronounced [miˈkɛːle]), is an Italian male given name, akin to the English male name Michael.

Michele (pronounced /mɪˈʃɛl/ mi-SHEL), is also an English female given name that is derived from the French Michèle. It is a variant spelling of the more common (and identically pronounced) name Michelle. It can also be a surname.

Both are ultimately derived from the Latin biblical archangel Michael, original Hebrew name מיכאל, meaning "Who is like God?".

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