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Michele Borghetti (born 1973 in Livorno[1]) is an Italian player of both Italian draughts and English draughts, the second of which is also known as "American checkers" or "straight checkers." In English draughts he is a Grandmaster and the current 3-Move World Champion.

Borghetti won the 2010 WCDF World Qualifier thus earning the right to challenge defending champion Alex Moiseyev in the 2011 3-Move World Title Match.[2] The match took place in Cleveland and was won by Moiseyev. At the 2012 World Mind Sports Games in Lille, Borghetti won the gold medal in the checkers tournament, which was doubled as the World Qualifying Tournament. This victory enabled him to qualify again for the world title match with Moiseyev and on 28 June 2013 Borghetti became the 3-Move Checkers World Champion.[3][4] In 2015 he successfully defended his world title against Lubabalo Kondlo in Livorno.[5]

In 2016 in Rome Borghetti played GAYP World Title Match with Sergio Scarpetta and won world title.[6]

He also holds a record for playing "blind simultaneous" games of Italian draughts.[7]

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