Michele G. Wheatly

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Michele Wheatly
Provost, West Virginia University
In office
January 1, 2010 [1] – June 30, 2014
Preceded by Gerald Lang
Personal details
Born London, Great Britain [2]
Nationality United States
Alma mater University of Birmingham[3]
Profession professor in biology, marine animal physiology, women in science, and human computer interaction [4]
Website Office of the Provost

Michele G. Wheatly was the provost of West Virginia University from 2010 to 2014[5] and the dean of college of science and mathematics, Wright State University, Ohio from 2002until 2010.[6] On September 16, 2009, she was named provost at West Virginia University.[7]

Wheatly's research focused on comparative physiology using a crustacean model in understanding epithelial calcium transport[8] with more than $20 million in grants in 24 years of continuous funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF).[9] Under her stewardship, annual research expenditures at Wright State University more than doubled from nearly $7 million to $15 million, and graduate enrollment increased by 68 percent. In her role as a dean of College of Science and Mathematics at Wright State University, she created an effective leadership team and administrative architecture, led a strategic planning process,and stewarded in the enhancement of enrollment, curriculum and pedagogy. [10] Undergraduate enrollment also increased by some 10 percent.[11] She also has an enduring impact with her leadership roles in NSF ADVANCE grants for increasing the participation and advancement of women in science and engineering careers.[12] In recognition of her services she was inducted into the Ohio's Women Hall of Fame on September 18, 2008.[13]

In his announcement of Wheatly as the new provost of West Virginia University, President James Clements said Wheatly stood out among a talented pool of candidates, and is a perfect fit for WVU.[14] President Clements also commented that Wheatly understands shared accountability and responsibility, and that she cares deeply about her students, and has maintained strong connections with them even in her administrative roles.[15]

As a new provost of West Virginia University Wheatly is spearheading WVU's new strategic plan that was be scheduled to released in September, 2010.[16] She also initiated the process of selection for new deans for the College of Creative Arts, The Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design.[17] On January 11, 2011, she informed the faculty senate that the university will begin implementing the WVU 2020 strategic plan in the Spring 2011 semester; the plan highlights five goals that will assist in creating an even stronger university during the next 10 years and beyond.[18]

On March 22, 2011, it was announced that Wheatly will be heading to Oman and Jordan as part of a two week Fulbright-Hays seminar, as one of only seven senior academic officers selected for a Department of Education-sponsored trip to help build ties between the Arab world and the United States.[19] The seminar is designed to help top academic leaders learn more about the changing higher education scene in the Arab world and return home to share opportunities for future program development in the region with stakeholders on their respective campuses. In 2012, Wheatly traveled to China from July 3 to 15 to take part in the World University President’s Forum in Harbin and the 60th anniversary celebration of Northeast Forestry University, and to renew WVU’s partnerships with Northeast Forestry University and the Chinese Academy of Forestry in Beijing. [20]


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