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Rabbanit Michelle Cohen Farber (b. 1971/1972 (age 49–50)[1]) is the first woman to lead a Daf Yomi,[2] a multi-year Jewish Talmud study cycle traditionally reserved for men. The women's Daf Yomi led by Farber noted its Siyum HaShas (completion of the Daf Yomi cycle) at the International Convention Center (Binyanei Ha'Uma) in Jerusalem on January 4–5, 2020.[1][3][4] Her study group meets at her home in Raanana, Israel.[1]

Farber, an Orthodox Jew, is originally from Lawrence, New York, and emigrated to Israel c. 1995.[2][4] She first studied Talmud at age 14 at Yeshivah of Flatbush.[5] She studied at Barnard College in the U.S., then at Bar-Ilan University in Israel where she received a bachelor's degree in Talmud and Bible.[1]

Farber co-founded Hadran, an organization to promote Talmud study by women.[1][4][5]

She is married to Rabbi Seth Farber, founder and director of the Jewish life advocacy organization, ITIM.[6]

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