Michelle Corrigan

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Michelle Corrigan
Doctors character
Portrayed byDonnaleigh Bailey
First appearance8 June 2006
Last appearance13 August 2010
Introduced byPeter Eryl Lloyd
ClassificationFormer; regular
OccupationSenior Practice Nurse

Michelle Corrigan is a fictional character in the BBC soap opera Doctors, played by Donnaleigh Bailey. She made her first appearance on 8 June 2006 and departed on 13 August 2010 to join the Army.


Michelle permanently fell out with Ruth after she caught her in bed with her half brother Adam. Before this their colleague Daniel Granger witnessed Ruth pretending and declaring to be Michelle and this had led to a patient nearly dying of a heart attack. When Daniel warned Michelle of Ruth's strange antics, Michelle confronted Adam about his relationship with Ruth. She discovered he had been seeing her secretly and that Ruth had been stealing her possessions including her clothes for months. Initially, Michelle thought Adam was defending Ruth and that he knew that she was her friend, but he insisted that he had no idea of what Ruth was actually doing, that he loved her more than Michelle which was why he offered that Ruth should be referred to a mental health institute, where she was later sectioned. Due to this, Ruth stole and took away Michelle's pendant that Michelle's dad had given her when she was a child. Michelle was furious to learn that Julia Parsons was letting Ruth stay at her place after her release from section. She decided that she should leave but Heston Carter and Cherry managed to persuade her to stay. Heston told her that Ruth wouldn't be allowed back to the surgery. However, Melody determined that Ruth was ready to return to work which, as predicted, made Michelle furious.

She is good friends with her colleague Cherry Malone. She used to be friends with colleague Ruth Pearce, but at the start of Series 11 they fell out. Michelle has recently been drinking vodka from the bottle in work. Cherry came across this by accident when she came back into the campus after work, she decided not to tell anyone except Simon what she had seen. Because Michelle was drinking she made a mistake and gave Cherry the wrong needle in the vaccination clinic, making a man go into anaphylactic shock. She told Cherry that she would tell Julia the truth, that it was her mistake. But in the meeting she lied and said that she took full responsibility because she should have double-checked but that it was Cherry's mistake. Cherry told Julia about Michelle's drinking and that it was Michelle's fault in the clinic but when Michelle's bag was searched, she had hidden the vodka and Cherry was suspended. Michelle told the truth to Julia and all was revealed. Cherry and Michelle stay friends but are not as close as they were.

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