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Michelle Ekizian (born November 21, 1956) is an American composer of Armenian heritage.


Michelle Ekizian was born in Bronxville, New York. She graduated with a bachelor's degree from the Manhattan School of Music and a master's degree from Columbia University, having studied with Chou Wen-chung, Mario Davidovsky, Nicolas Flagello and Vladimir Ussachevsky. Her music has been performed internationally.[1][2]

Honors and awards[edit]


Selected works include:

  • Octoéchos for Double String Quartet and Soprano
  • The Exiled Heart orchestral cycle, including The Exiled Heart (1986), Morning of Light (1988), and Beyond the Reach of Wind and Fire (1989)
  • Symphony #1: When Light Divided
  • Slow Apocolypse: Fanfare for Orchestra Manque, 1995
  • A Saint Gregory Moment
  • David of Sassoun, 1992
  • Sabre Dances for orchestra, 1991
  • Red Harvest: Concerto for violin and orchestra[3]

Her music has been recorded and issued on CD, including:

  • Works by Michelle Ekizian and Louis Karchin, New World Records
  • American Academy in Rome spring concert, 1989 June 5


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