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Michelle Loughery (born 1961) is a Canadian muralist from British Columbia.[1]

Life and work[edit]

Early career[edit]

Loughery was born in the community of Michel-Natal in the Elk Valley in southeastern British Columbia, but her family was relocated to the nearby mining town of Sparwood when the community of Michel-Natal was dismantled by the provincial government in the 1970s.


Loughery has created mural projects in Cuba, Missouri Route 66 Mural City,[2] USA; Vernon, British Columbia, Heritage Murals;[3] and country music themed murals in the Country Music Capital of Canada, Merritt, British Columbia. Her 9/11 mural commissioned by the Brooklyn Fire Department is on photographic display in the Smithsonian Museum, and she is currently working with the Province of British Columbia on a multi-city mural project entitled, The Wayfinder Project. Currently Loughery is working on a journal novel with Michael Moore on her wall journeys. [4]


BC Community Achievement Award [5]


www.cubamurals.com [1]


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