Michelle Richmond

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Michelle Richmond
Michelle Richmond in 2011.jpg
Nationality American
Notable works The Girl in the Fall-Away Dress
The Year of Fog
No One You Know
Notable awards Hillsdale Award for Fiction – 2009
Associated Writing Programs Short Fiction Award for The Girl in the Fall-Away Dress – 2000

Michelle Richmond is an American novelist. She wrote The Year of Fog, which was a New York Times bestseller.[1]


Richmond grew up in Mobile, Alabama,[2][3][4] the second of three sisters.[5] She obtained her BA from the University of Alabama[5] and Master of Fine Arts from the University of Miami. She has taught at the University of San Francisco, the California College of the Arts, Saint Mary's College of California[3] in Moraga, at Bowling Green State University and Notre Dame de Namur University.[6] She founded Fiction Attic Press and San Francisco Journal of Books and is also a publisher.[7]

Writing career[edit]

Richmond's first book, the story collection The Girl in the Fall-Away Dress (2001),[8] was published by University of Massachusetts Press. Her third book, The Year of Fog (2007), originally called Ocean Beach,[3] was published by Delacorte Press[9] and was a New York Times best seller.[3][10] Her fourth book, No One You Know (2008),[11][12] was published by Delacorte Press.[13]

Richmond's book, The Year of Fog, won her acclaim including being selected as one of the best books of 2007 by Library Journal, chosen by Kirkus Reviews as a top pick for Reading Groups, was nominated for the Grand prix des lectrices de Elle award, was listed by the San Francisco Chronicle as a notable book and was a New York Times bestseller and a best selling paperback book for Bantam publishers.[1]

She currently serves as a member of the executive council of the Authors Guild.[14]

Awards and recognition[edit]

Richmond obtained the following awards for her writing:

Personal life[edit]

Richmond resides in Northern California[2] with her husband and son.[20]



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