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Michelle Stevens Beaumont
Michelle Stevens.jpg
Kimberly Foster as Michelle Stevens
DALLAS character
Portrayed by Kimberly Foster
Duration 1989-91
First appearance September 22, 1989
Phantom of the Oil Rig
Last appearance April 26, 1991
The Decline and Fall of the Ewing Empire
Occupation Owner of Ewing Oil

Michelle Stevens (formerly Beaumont and Barnes) is a fictional character that appeared in the later seasons of the popular American television series Dallas, played by Kimberly Foster from 1989 to 1991. [1]


In an interview for the Reading Eagle, Kimberly Foster described her character, "Michelle doesn't have a limit on how far she'll go with anything or anybody. She's very smart and devious and conniving. She lies, too, but I think still she has some vulnerability. She's always trying to find out everyone else's business, but she has secrets going on with just about everybody, too. She has some pain in her heart. I think it's because she grew up in the shadow of her sister".[2]


Michelle, the scheming younger sister of April Stevens, comes to Dallas, envious of the lifestyle of her rich sister. She decides to get involved in the wheeling and dealing that is going on around her. She initially involves herself with Cliff Barnes, but spies on him for J.R. Ewing. J.R. grows to dislike Michelle after she interferes with his marriage to Cally. When Michelle begins an affair with J.R.'s son, James Beaumont, J.R. arranges for Michelle to leave town.

Following April's death, Michelle returns to Dallas bent on revenge. After inheriting April's wealth, she buys Ewing Oil from Lee Ann De La Vega and marries James Beaumont, much to J.R.'s displeasure. Michelle's marriage is short-lived as she later learns that James was already married to someone else. After James tells her he's leaving town with his wife and child, Michelle sells 50% of Ewing Oil to Cliff Barnes, but a greedy Cliff takes advantage of Michelle's drunken state and marries her to control 100% of Ewing Oil. Michelle is jailed for shooting and killing Hillary Taylor, the woman responsible for April's death. Michelle is released after J.R. offers to persuade the district attorney's office to drop the charges. In exchange for his help, Michelle sells her 50% of Ewing Oil back to J.R. - making him equal business partners with Cliff.

After returning from jail, Michelle was last seen returning to Ray Krebbs' old ranch on Southfork Ranch which she had purchased with the hope of starting a family home with James. As she returned, she broke down in tears as the house was empty.



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