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Michi Gaigg (born in Schörfling am Attersee, 1957) is an Austrian violinist and conductor. She is founder and conductor of the Baroque orchestras L'arpa festante and L'Orfeo.[1][2]



  1. ^ Performing arts yearbook for Europe: PAYE. Alain Charles Arts Publishing - 2006 "... leitung: Michi Gaigg Type: instrumental and vocal, Main Repertoire: baroque to classical, Repertoire: oratorio, early classical opera, cantatas, French Baroque, contemporary commissioned works, Perfs. 25 to 50, Size: 15 or more, ..."
  2. ^ Goldberg: early music magazine: Issues 53-54 2008 "So although in centuries gone by the treacherous rapids and eddies of the Strudengau stretch of the Danube had made it the very dread of skippers, director Michi Gaigg's choice of L'Olimpiade for this year's festival was a pretty safe ..."

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