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Michiel Steven Daniel Horn FRSC (/ˈmkəl/ "Michael"; born September 3, 1939, Baarn, Netherlands) is a Canadian professor and historian.

Life and career[edit]

Horn's family migrated to Canada from the Netherlands in 1952, settling in Victoria, British Columbia.[1] He graduated from Victoria High School in 1956.

Horn holds a BA from the University of British Columbia, and an MA and PhD from the University of Toronto. He is currently a professor emeritus of history and university historian at Glendon College, York University, in Toronto,[2] where he has worked since 1968.[1]

Horn has been married to Cornelia Maria Schuh, a lawyer and civil servant with the Ontario provincial government, since December 29, 1984. They have two sons, Daniel and Patrick.

In 2002, Horn was inducted into the Royal Society of Canada in Academy II (Social Sciences).


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