Michigan Civil Service Commission

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Michigan Civil Service Commission
Agency overview
Formed 1908
Headquarters Lansing, Michigan
Minister responsible
  • Thomas M Wardrop, Commission Chair
Agency executives
  • Jan Winters, State Personnel Director
  • Matthew Fedorchuk, Deputy Director
Parent agency Department of Management and Budget
Website www.michigan.gov/mdcs/
State Personnel Director of State of Michigan
Jan Winters
Appointer Michigan Civil Service Commission
Formation 1965
Website www.michigan.gov/mdcs/

The Michigan Civil Service Commission is a four-member constitutional created commission to administer Michigan's classified state civil service and human resource functions.


Initial created in Michigan's 1908 Constitution,[1] the Commission continue into the next ratified Constitution of 1963. In the Executive Organization Act of 1965, the Department of Civil Service with the Commission as its head with its chief administrative officer being the State Personnel Director.[2] Under EXECUTIVE ORDER No.2007 - 30, the Department of Civil Service was abolished with the Board of Ethics, State Officers Compensation Commission and Civil Service Commission transfer to Department of Management and Budget.[3]