Michigan Crossroads Council

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Michigan Crossroads Council
Owner Boy Scouts of America
Headquarters Lansing, Michigan
Country United States
Founded August 14, 2012
Scout Executive Matt Thornton, Area 2 Director
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The Michigan Crossroads Council (MCC) is a local council of the Boy Scouts of America that serves the youth of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. The council was formed in 2012 by the merger of nine councils.


BSA Councils in Michigan, including the four Field Service Councils of the Michigan Crossroads Council.

The Organization of the Boy Scouts of America councils in Area 2 of the Central Region is unique to Michigan. The Michigan Crossroads Council (MCC) was created by the merger of nine councils in the lower peninsula of Michigan. It is a coordinating council that oversees properties, personnel, and program. The MCC is then split into four sub-councils or "Field Service Councils" which are then divided into districts.


BSA Councils in Michigan prior to the Area 2 project and the Michigan Crossroads Council.

The Scouting program in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan saw drastic drop in membership beginning in the early 2000s. The decrease in population was due to the economy in Michigan and the resulting outmigration of population, jobs and industry. The Area 2 Project was created in 2010 and studied the impact on Scouting and presented the Crossroads Recommendation, which proposed that the ten councils in Michigan merge into one large council.[1]

Erie Shores Council in northwest Ohio voted not to join Area 2 project. Hiawathaland Council in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, voted against merging into the MCC and later merged with the Bay-Lakes Council in Wisconsin.

As a result, in 2012, the remaining lower peninsula councils were merged into the MCC. Four "sub" councils or Field Service Councils were created in their place.


All properties in the Michigan Crossroads Council are operated by the council-wide Outdoor Adventures Division, not by the local Field Service Councils.[2] However, each of the four Field Service Councils continue to hold events at their traditional camps from their legacy councils. Each year, the Outdoor Adventures Committee assesses the council property and determines which camps will be open for resident summer camps, weekend camping, or closed for the season.[3] Major programs, like resident camps, are run by the MCC, while smaller programs, like weekend camporees, are put on by the FSC. The following is a list of camps that can be reserved for Scout use.

Resident camps[edit]

The following are open in the summer for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing resident camps. Additionally, they are also open for weekend reservations year-round.[4]

Weekend camps[edit]

The following camps are only open weekends for smaller scale program or unit reservations.

Closed camps[edit]

The following camps are closed for an indefinite amount of time and are not available for reservations.