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The Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP) is a standardized test. The test is taken by all public school students in the U.S. state of Michigan from elementary school to middle/junior high school. For high school students the MEAP test was replaced in 2007 by the Michigan Merit Exam.3, 5.

The tests have high content validity with respect to the subject specific curriculum for the particular grade level in the State of Michigan. The participation at MEAP testing sessions is mandatory for all public school students. (Journal of Vocational Behavior 60, 178–198 (2002)


The program was started by the State Board of Education and supported by then Governor William G. Millken. The MEAP tests were first administered during the 1969-70 school year for the purpose of determining at various points in a student's career, their progress compared to standards set by the State Board of Education. As of Spring 2015 the MEAP has been replaced with the MSTEP (Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress).[1]


Many of the criticisms of the test are common to all standardized tests. Opponents feel that standardized tests cannot correctly measure student knowledge, performance, or learning. Others feel that Michigan should not waste so much money on developing their own test and instead should use national tests, that would conform better to the standards of the rest of the country.

A news paper in 2007 had an article with the topics of a MEAP test, not yet completed by students in many districts, requiring the students to retake the exam.


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