Michigan House of Representatives election, 2014

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Michigan House of Representatives elections, 2014
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November 4, 2014 (2014-11-04) → 2016

110 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives
56 seats needed for a majority
Turnout 3,002,147
  Majority party Minority party
  Bolger headshot.jpg
Leader Kevin Cotter Tim Greimel
Party Republican Democratic
Leader since January 12, 2011 January 9, 2013
Leader's seat 63rd District 29th District
Seats before 59 51
Seats after 63 47
Seat change Increase 4 Decrease 4
Popular vote 1,457,867 1,526,453
Percentage 48.56 50.85

Speaker before election

James "Jase" Bolger

Elected Speaker

Kevin Cotter

The 2014 Michigan House of Representatives elections were held on November 4, 2014, with partisan primaries to select the parties' nominees in the various districts on August 5, 2014. Members elected at the 2014 election will serve in the 98th Michigan Legislature which convenes on January 7, 2015.

Term-limited members[edit]

Under the Michigan Constitution, members of the state Senate are only able to serve two four-years terms, and members of the House of Representatives are limited to three two-years terms. The following members are term-limited from seeking re-election to the House in 2014.

Democrats (12)[edit]

Republicans (14)[edit]


The election resulted in Republicans gaining 4 seats with Democrats losing 4 seats.[1]

On November 6, Kevin Cotter, Republican from the 99th District, was elected Speaker of the House, Tom Leonard, Republican from the 93rd District, was elected Speaker pro tempore, and Tim Greimel, Democrat from the 29th District, was re-elected Minority Leader.[2]

Districts 1–28[edit]

1st District
(Wayne (Harper Woods, Grosse Pointe Woods, Grosse Pointe Township, far northeast Detroit))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Brian Banks 15,992 67.27
Republican John Hauler 7,782 32.73
Total votes 23,774 100.0
Democratic hold
2nd District
(Wayne (southeast Detroit, Grosse Pointe, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Farms))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Alberta Tinsley-Talabi 17,385 69.40
Republican Daniel Lamar 7,664 30.60
Total votes 25,049 100.0
Democratic hold
3rd District
(Wayne (north central Detroit))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Wendell Byrd 19,313 97.08
Republican Dolores Brodersen 581 2.92
Total votes 19,894 100.0
Democratic gain from Independent
4th District
(Wayne (central Detroit, Hamtramck))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Rose Mary Robinson 15,609 94.57
Republican Edith Floyd 896 5.43
Total votes 16,505 100.0
Democratic hold
5th District
(Wayne (southwest Detroit))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Fred Durhal III 11,795 94.82
Republican Dorothy Patterson 645 5.18
Total votes 12,440 100.0
Democratic hold
6th District
(Wayne (southwest Detroit, downtown Detroit, near eastside of Detroit, Ecorse, River Rouge))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Stephanie Chang 17,930 93.98
Republican Tairia Bridges 1,149 6.02
Total votes 19,079 100.0
Democratic hold
7th District
(Wayne (north-central Detroit, Highland Park))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic LaTanya Garrett 22,207 97.81
Republican David Bradley 497 2.19
Total votes 22,704 100.0
Democratic hold
8th District
(Wayne (northwest Detroit))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Sherry Gay-Dagnogo 23,016 96.76
Republican Christopher Ewald 770 3.24
Total votes 23,786 100.0
Democratic hold
9th District
(Wayne (west Detroit, Dearborn (part)))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Harvey Santana 17,623 95.52
Republican James Stephens 827 4.48
Total votes 18,450 100.0
Democratic hold
10th District
(Wayne (far northwest Detroit, Redford Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Leslie Love 21,606 82.26
Republican Matthew Hauser 4,658 17.74
Total votes 26,264 100.0
Democratic hold
11th District
(Wayne (Garden City, Inkster, Dearborn Heights (part), Livonia (part), Westland (part))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Julie Plawecki 15,160 70.49
Republican Jim Rhoades 6,346 29.51
Total votes 21,506 100.0
Democratic hold
12th District
(Wayne (Romulus, Taylor, Van Buren Township (part))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Erika Geiss 15,334 69.61
Republican Kelly Thompson 6,696 30.39
Total votes 22,030 100.0
Democratic hold
13th District
(Wayne (Allen Park, Southgate, Dearborn Heights (part))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Frank Liberati 15,282 61.02
Republican Harry Sawicki 9,762 38.98
Total votes 25,044 100.0
Democratic hold
14th District
(Wayne (Lincoln Park, Melvindale, Riverview, Wyandotte))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Paul Clemente 14,661 70.20
Republican Nathan Inks 6,223 29.80
Total votes 20,884 100.0
Democratic hold
15th District
(Wayne (Dearborn—excluding northeast portions))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic George Darany 15,009 67.53
Republican Johnnie Salemassi 7,216 32.47
Total votes 22,225 100.0
Democratic hold
16th District
(Wayne (Wayne, Westland (all but northeast corner))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Robert Kosowski 15,346 68.19
Republican Steve Boron 7,160 31.81
Total votes 22,506 100.0
Democratic hold
17th District
(Monroe (Monroe, Ash Township, Berlin Township, Exeter Township, Frenchtown Township, London Township), Wayne (Flat Rock, Rockwood, Sumpter Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Bill LaVoy 14,623 59.62
Republican Charles Londo 9,903 40.38
Total votes 24,526 100.0
Democratic hold
18th District
(Macomb (Eastpointe, St. Clair Shores))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Sarah Roberts 18,853 62.06
Republican Roland Fraschetti 11,524 37.94
Total votes 30,377 100.0
Democratic hold
19th District
(Wayne (Livonia, excluding southeast tip))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Laura Cox 21,614 61.77
Democratic Stacey Dogonski 13,377 38.23
Total votes 34,991 100.0
Republican hold
20th District
(Wayne (Northville -- portion within county, Northville Township, Plymouth, Plymouth Township, east Canton Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Kurt Heise 18,127 60.09
Democratic Nate Smith-Tyge 12,037 39.91
Total votes 30,164 100.0
Republican hold
21st District
(Wayne (Belleville, Van Buren Township -- excluding northeast portion, Canton Township -- excluding eastern portion))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Kristy Pagan 15,796 54.95
Republican Carol Fausone 12,951 45.05
Total votes 28,747 100.0
Democratic hold
22nd District
(Macomb (Roseville, Warren -- eastern portion))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic John Chirkun 13,461 63.96
Republican Jeff Bonnell 6,704 31.85
Taxpayers Les Townsend 882 4.19
Total votes 21,047 100.0
Democratic hold
23rd District
(Wayne (Brownstown Township, Gibraltar, Grosse Ile Township, Huron Township, Trenton, Woodhaven))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Pat Somerville 16,060 52.12
Democratic David Haener 14,754 47.88
Total votes 30,814 100.0
Republican hold
24th District
(Macomb (Harrison Township, northern Clinton Township, southwest Macomb Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Anthony Forlini 16,358 58.54
Democratic Philip Kurczewski 10,893 38.99
Taxpayers Daryl Smith 690 2.47
Total votes 27,941 100.0
Republican hold
25th District
(Macomb (east Sterling Heights, northeast Warren))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Henry Yanez 14,970 53.48
Republican Nick Hawatmeh 13,024 46.52
Total votes 27,994 100.0
Democratic hold
26th District
(Oakland (Madison Heights, Royal Oak))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Jim Townsend 17,751 60.94
Republican Greg Dildilian 11,377 39.06
Total votes 29,128 100.0
Democratic hold
27th District
(Oakland (Berkley, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, Royal Oak Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Robert Wittenberg 23,756 75.59
Republican Michael Ryan 7,672 24.41
Total votes 31,428 100.0
Democratic hold
28th District
(Macomb (west and central Warren, Center Line))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Derek E. Miller 13,362 64.29
Republican Beth Foster 7,423 35.71
Total votes 20,785 100.0
Democratic hold

Districts 29–55[edit]

29th District
(Oakland (Auburn Hills, Pontiac, Keego Harbor, Sylvan Lake, Orchard Lake))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Tim Greimel 15,042 73.66
Republican David Lonier 5,380 26.34
Total votes 20,422 100.0
Democratic hold
30th District
(Macomb (west Sterling Heights, Utica, southeast Shelby Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Jeff Farrington 12,654 54.76
Democratic Bo Karpinsky 10,455 45.24
Total votes 23,109 100.0
Republican hold
31st District
(Macomb (south Clinton Township, Fraser, Mount Clemens))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Marilyn Lane 15,769 61.07
Republican Phil Rode 10,054 38.93
Total votes 25,823 100.0
Democratic hold
32nd District
(Macomb (Chesterfield Township, New Baltimore), St. Clair (Casco Township, Columbus Township, Ira Township, Kenockee Township, Kimball Township, Riley Township, Wales Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Andrea LaFontaine 16,218 62.07
Democratic Pamela Kraft 9,911 37.93
Total votes 26,129 100.0
Republican hold
33rd District
(Macomb (Armada Township, Lenox Township, Macomb Township -- all but southwest portion, Ray Township, Richmond -- portion within county, Memphis -- portion within county))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Ken Goike 18,148 65.88
Democratic Joe Ruffin 9,398 34.12
Total votes 27,546 100.0
Republican hold
34th District
(Genesee (Flint -- excluding southeast and central portions))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Sheldon Neeley 17,129 91.11
Republican Bruce Rogers 1,671 8.89
Total votes 18,800 100.0
Democratic hold
35th District
(Oakland (Lathrup Village, Southfield, Southfield Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Jeremy Moss 31,659 83.02
Republican Robert Brim 6,473 16.98
Total votes 38,132 100.0
Democratic hold
36th District
(Macomb (Bruce Township, Shelby Township -- excluding southeast portion, Washington Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Peter Lucido 20,845 69.93
Democratic Robert Murphy 8,965 30.07
Total votes 29,810 100.0
Republican hold
37th District
(Oakland (Farmington, Farmington Hills))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Christine Greig 19,148 57.15
Republican Richard Lerner 14,359 42.85
Total votes 33,507 100.0
Democratic hold
38th District
(Oakland (Lyon Township, Northville-portion within county, Novi, Novi Township, South Lyon, Walled Lake))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Kathy Crawford 19,232 62.57
Democratic Jasper Catanzaro 11,507 37.43
Total votes 30,739 100.0
Republican hold
39th District
(Oakland (Commerce Township, western West Bloomfield Township, Wixom))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Klint Kesto 16,741 52.25
Democratic Sandy Colvin 15,299 47.75
Total votes 32,040 100.0
Republican hold
40th District
(Oakland (Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, eastern West Bloomfield Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Michael McCready 23,678 57.63
Democratic Mary Belden 17,408 42.37
Total votes 41,086 100.0
Republican hold
41st District
(Oakland (Clawson, Troy))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Martin Howrylak 18,356 55.77
Democratic Mary Kerwin 14,555 44.23
Total votes 32,911 100.0
Republican hold
42nd District
(Livingston (Brighton, Brighton Township, Genoa Township, Green Oak Township, Hamburg Township, Putnam Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Lana Theis 23,477 65.18
Democratic Timothy Johnson 12,544 34.82
Total votes 36,021 100.0
Republican hold
43rd District
(Oakland (Clarkston, Lake Angelus, Independence Township, Waterford Township -- excluding southwest portion))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Jim Tedder 18,661 58.24
Democratic Dennis Ritter 13,380 41.76
Total votes 32,041 100.0
Republican hold
44th District
(Oakland (Highland Township, Milford Township, Springfield Township, southwest Waterford Township, White Lake Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Jim Runestad 21,840 67.83
Democratic Mark Venie 10,359 32.17
Total votes 32,199 100.0
Republican hold
45th District
(Oakland (southwest Oakland Township, Rochester Hills, Rochester))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Michael Webber 18,370 56.16
Democratic Joanna VanRaaphorst 14,338 43.84
Total votes 32,708 100.0
Republican hold
46th District
(Oakland (Addison Township, Brandon Township, Oakland Township -- all but southwest portion, Orion Township, Oxford Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Bradford Jacobsen 21,513 69.15
Democratic David Lillis 9,597 30.85
Total votes 31,110 100.0
Republican hold
47th District
(Livingston (Cohoctah Township, Conway Township, Deerfield Township, Handy Township, Hartland Township, Howell, Howell Township, Iosco Township, Marion Township, Tyrone Township, Unadilla Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Henry Vaupel 20,995 69.11
Democratic Jordan Genso 8,086 26.62
Libertarian Rodger Young 1,300 4.28
Total votes 30,381 100.0
Republican hold
48th District
(Genesee (Clio, Davison, Davison Township, Forest Township, Genesee Township, Montrose, Montrose Township, Richfield Township, Thetford Township, Vienna Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Pam Faris 17,628 62.33
Republican Stephanie Stikovich 10,652 37.67
Total votes 28,280 100.0
Democratic hold
49th District
(Genesee (southwest Flint, Flint Township, Flushing, Mount Morris, Mount Morris Township, Swartz Creek))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Phil Phelps 18,211 73.63
Republican Lu Penton 6,522 26.37
Total votes 24,733 100.0
Democratic hold
50th District
(Genesee (Burton, Grand Blanc, Grand Blanc Township, Mundy Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Charles Smiley 17,018 58.74
Republican Craig Withers 11,952 41.26
Total votes 28,970 100.0
Democratic hold
51st District
(Genesee (Argentine Township, Atlas Township, Clayton Township, Fenton, Fenton Township, Flushing Township, Gaines Township, Linden), Oakland (Groveland Township, Holly Township, Rose Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Joseph Graves 19,433 57.93
Democratic Ken Thomas 14,115 42.07
Total votes 33,548 100.0
Republican hold
52nd District
(Washtenaw (Bridgewater Township, Chelsea, Dexter Township, Freedom Township, Lima Township, Lodi Township, Lyndon Township, Manchester Township, Northfield Township, Salem Township, Saline, Saline Township, Scio Township, Sharon Township, Sylvan Township
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Gretchen Driskell 20,844 56.17
Republican John Hochstetler 16,263 43.83
Total votes 37,107 100.0
Democratic hold
53rd District
(Washtenaw (south Ann Arbor))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Jeff Irwin 20,997 82.34
Republican John Spisak 4,504 17.66
Total votes 25,501 100.0
Democratic hold
54th District
(Washtenaw (Superior Township, Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic David Rutledge 18,608 75.33
Republican Ed Moore 6,093 24.67
Total votes 24,701 100.0
Democratic hold
55th District
(Washtenaw (north Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor Township, Augusta Township, Milan -- portion within county, Pittsfield Township, York Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Adam Zemke 19,085 67.88
Republican Leonard Burk 9,030 32.12
Total votes 28,115 100.0
Democratic hold

Districts 56–83[edit]

56th District
(Monroe (Bedford Township, Berlin Township, Dundee Township, Erie Township, Ida Township, LaSalle Township, London Township, Luna Pier, Milan -- portion within county, Milan Township, Monroe Township, Petersberg, Raisinville Township, Summerfield Township
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Jason Sheppard 13,600 50.33
Democratic Tom Redmond 12,726 47.09
Taxpayers Al Bain 697 2.58
Total votes 27,023 100.0
Republican hold
57th District
(Lenawee (excluding Cambridge Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Nancy Jenkins 15,421 58.52
Democratic Sharon Wimple 10,932 41.48
Total votes 26,353 100.0
Republican hold
58th District
(Branch, Hillsdale)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Eric Leutheuser 17,010 71.49
Democratic Amaryllis Thomas 6,783 28.51
Total votes 23,793 100.0
Republican hold
59th District
(Cass (excluding Howard Township, Milton Township, Niles, Ontwa Township, Silver Creek Township), St. Joseph)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Aaron Miller 14,141 62.25
Democratic Mike Moroz 8,574 37.75
Total votes 22,715 100.0
Republican hold
60th District
(Kalamazoo (Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Township -- most))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Jon Hoadley 15,514 70.12
Republican Michael Perrin 6,611 29.88
Total votes 22,125 100.0
Democratic hold
61st District
(Kalamazoo (Alamo Township, north Kalamazoo Township, Oshtemo Township, Parchment, Portage, Prairie Ronde Township, Texas Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Brandt Iden 16,015 48.38
Democratic John Fischer 14,145 42.73
Libertarian Michael Stampfler 2,941 8.88
Total votes 33,101 100.0
Republican hold
62nd District
(Calhoun (Albion, Albion Township, Battle Creek, Bedford Township, Clarence Township, Convis Township, Lee Township, Pennfield Township, Sheridan Township, Springfield))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican John Bizon 11,875 51.18
Democratic Andy Helmboldt 11,328 48.82
Total votes 23,203 100.0
Republican gain from Democratic
63rd District
(Calhoun (Athens Township, Burlington Township, Clarendon Township, Eckford Township, Emmet Township, Fredonia Township, Homer Township, Leroy Township, Marengo Township, Marshall, Marshall Township, Newton Township, Tekonsha Township), Kalamazoo (Brady T
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican David Maturen 16,718 56.21
Democratic Bill Farmer 13,023 43.79
Total votes 29,741 100.0
Republican hold
64th District
(Jackson (Concord Township, Hanover Township, Jackson, Napoleon Township, Parma Township, Pulaski Township, Sandstone Township, Spring Arbor Township, Summit Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Earl Poleski 13,617 61.11
Democratic Brenda Pilgrim 8,666 38.89
Total votes 22,283 100.0
Republican hold
65th District
(Eaton (Brookfield Township, Eaton Township, Eaton Rapids, Hamlin Township), Jackson (Blackman Township, Columbia Township, Grass Lake Township, Henrietta Township, Leoni Township, Liberty Township, Norvell Township, Rives Township, Springport Township, T
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Brett Roberts 15,955 56.98
Democratic Bonnie Johnson 11,077 39.56
Libertarian Ronald Muszynski 971 3.47
Total votes 28,003 100.0
Republican hold
66th District
(Van Buren, Kalamazoo (Alamo Township, Cooper Township, Parchment))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Aric Nesbitt 15,753 57.49
Democratic Annie Brown 11,646 42.51
Total votes 27,399 100.0
Republican hold
67th District
(Ingham (Alaiedon Township, Aurelius Township, Bunker Hill Township, Delhi Township, Ingham Township, central and southeast Lansing, Leroy Township, Leslie, Leslie Township, Mason, Onondaga Township, Stockbridge Township, Vevay Township, Wheatfield Townsh
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Tom Cochran 16,975 54.31
Republican John Hayhoe 14,280 45.69
Total votes 31,255 100.0
Democratic hold
68th District
(Ingham (Lansing—excluding southeast and central portions and portion in Eaton County, Lansing Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Andy Schor 18,471 76.64
Republican Rob Secaur 5,629 23.36
Total votes 24,100 100.0
Democratic hold
69th District
(Ingham (East Lansing -- portion within county), Locke Township, Meridian Township, Williamstown Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Sam Singh 18,475 67.84
Republican Frank Lambert 8,759 32.16
Total votes 27,234 100.0
Democratic hold
70th District
(Gratiot (Alma, Bethany Township, Emerson Township, Pine River Township, Seville Township, St. Louis), Montcalm)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Rick Outman 13,372 61.75
Democratic James Hoisington 8,282 38.25
Total votes 21,654 100.0
Republican hold
71st District
(Eaton (excluding Brookfield Township, Eaton Rapids, Eaton Township, Hamlin Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Tom Barrett 17,715 50.44
Democratic Theresa Abed 17,405 49.56
Total votes 35,120 100.0
Republican gain from Democratic
72nd District
(Allegan (Dorr Township, Leighton Township, Wayland, Wayland Township), Kent (Gaines Township, Kentwood))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Ken Yonker 17,884 68.23
Democratic Kemal Hamulic 8,329 31.77
Total votes 26,213 100.0
Republican hold
73rd District
(Kent (Cannon Township, Courtland Township, East Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids Township, Nelson Township, Oakfield Township, Plainfield Township, Spencer Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Chris Afendoulis 24,255 67.72
Democratic Mary Polonowski 11,561 32.28
Total votes 35,816 100.0
Republican hold
74th District
(Kent (Algoma Township, Alpine Township, Cedar Springs, Grandville, Rockford, Solon Township, Sparta Township, Tyrone Township, Walker))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Robert VerHeulen 18,787 68.83
Democratic Richard Erdman 8,507 31.17
Total votes 27,294 100.0
Republican hold
75th District
(Kent (southwest and central Grand Rapids))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Brandon Dillon 12,393 73.77
Republican John Lohrstorfer 4,406 26.23
Total votes 16,799 100.0
Democratic hold
76th District
(Kent (north and southeast Grand Rapids))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Winnie Brinks 15,803 52.13
Republican Donijo DeJonge 13,824 45.60
Taxpayers William Mohr 689 2.27
Total votes 30,316 100.0
Democratic hold
77th District
(Kent (Byron Township, Wyoming))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Thomas Hooker 16,117 67.0
Democratic Jessica Hanselman 7,940 33.0
Total votes 24,057 100.0
Republican hold
78th District
(Berrien (Baroda Township, Berrien Township, Bertrand Township, Buchanan, Buchanan Township, Chikaming Township, Galien Township, New Buffalo, New Buffalo Township, Niles, Niles Township, Oronoko Township, Pipestone Township, Sodus Township, Three Oaks To
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Dave Pagel 15,360 67.23
Democratic Cartier Shields 7,488 32.77
Total votes 22,848 100.0
Republican hold
79th District
(Berrien (Bainbridge Township, Benton Charter Township, Benton Harbor, Bridgman, Coloma, Coloma Township, Hager Township, Lake Township, Lincoln Township, Royalton Township, St. Joseph Township, St. Joseph, Watervliet, Watervliet Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Al Pscholka 14,742 58.62
Democratic Eric Lester 9,911 39.41
Taxpayers Carl Oehling 497 1.98
Total votes 25,150 100.0
Republican hold
80th District
(Allegan (excluding Dorr Township, Leighton Township, Wayland, Wayland Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Cindy Gamrat 17,630 62.78
Democratic Geoff Parker 9,451 33.65
Libertarian Arnis Davidsons 1,003 3.57
Total votes 28,084 100.0
Republican hold
81st District
(St. Clair (Algonac, Berlin Township, Brockway Township, China Township, Clay Township, Clyde Township, Cottrellville Township, East China Township, Emmet Township, Grant Township, Greenwood Township, Lynn Township, Marine City, Marysville, Mussey Township
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Daniel Lauwers 17,882 65.08
Democratic Bernardo Licata 9,596 34.92
Total votes 27,478 100.0
Republican hold
82nd District
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Todd Courser 15,698 55.09
Democratic Margaret Guerrero-DeLuca 12,797 44.91
Total votes 28,495 100.0
Republican hold
83rd District
(Sanilac, St. Clair (Burtchville Township, Fort Gratiot Township, Port Huron))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Paul Muxlow 15,013 62.15
Democratic Marcus Middleton 9,144 37.85
Total votes 24,157 100.0
Republican hold

Districts 84–110[edit]

84th District
(Huron, Tuscola)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Edward Canfield 16,617 59.35
Democratic David Jaroch 11,379 40.65
Total votes 27,996 100.0
Republican gain from Democratic
85th District
(Saginaw (Brady Township, Brant Township, Chapin Township, Chesaning Township, Fremont Township, Jonesfield Township, Lakefield Township, Maple Grove Township, Marion Township, Richland Township), Shiawassee)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Ben Glardon 16,882 52.64
Democratic Annie Dignan Braidwood 13,714 42.76
Libertarian Roger Snyder 1,473 4.59
Total votes 32,069 100.0
Republican hold
86th District
(Ionia (Belding, Easton Township, Ionia, Ionia Township, Orleans Township, Otisco Township), Kent (Ada Township, Bowne Township, Caledonia Township, Cascade Township, Grattan Township, Lowell, Lowell Township, Vergennes Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Lisa Posthumus Lyons 20,273 65.84
Democratic Lynn Mason 10,518 34.16
Total votes 30,791 100.0
Republican hold
87th District
(Barry, Ionia (Berlin Township, Boston Township, Campbell Township, Danby Township, Keene Township, Lyons Township, North Plains Township, Odessa Township, Orange Township, Portland, Portland Township, Ronald Township, Sebewa Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Mike Callton 20,355 66.67
Democratic Jordan Brehm 10,178 33.33
Total votes 30,533 100.0
Republican hold
88th District
(Ottawa (Allendale Township, Chester Township, Coopersville, Georgetown Township, Polkton Township, Tallmadge Township, Wright Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Roger Victory 22,788 79.82
Democratic Janice Gwasdacus 5,761 20.18
Total votes 28,549 100.0
Republican hold
89th District
(Ottawa (Blendon Township, Ferrysburg, Grand Haven, Grand Haven Township, Olive Township, Park Township, Port Sheldon Township, Robinson Township, Spring Lake Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Amanda Price 21,804 67.88
Democratic Don Bergman 10,316 32.12
Total votes 32,120 100.0
Republican hold
90th District
(Ottawa (Holland -- part within county, Holland Township, Hudsonville, Jamestown Township, Zeeland, Zeeland Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Daniela Garcia 19,930 78.31
Democratic James Haspas 5,520 21.69
Total votes 25,450 100.0
Republican hold
91st District
(Muskegon (Blue Lake Township, Casnovia Township, Cedar Creek Township, Dalton Township, Egelston Township, Fruitport Township, Holton Township, Montague, Montague Township, Moorland Township, Norton Shores, Ravenna Township, Roosevelt Park, Sullivan Town
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Holly Hughes 12,737 46.53
Democratic Collene Lamonte 12,679 46.32
Independent Alan Jager 1,958 7.15
Total votes 27,374 100.0
Republican gain from Democratic
92nd District
(Muskegon (Fruitland Township, Laketon Township, Muskegon Heights, Muskegon, Muskegon Township, North Muskegon, Whitehall Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Marcia Hovey-Wright 13,846 66.93
Republican Ken Berman 6,841 33.07
Total votes 20,687 100.0
Democratic hold
93rd District
(Clinton, Gratiot (all except Alma, Bethany Township, Emerson Township, Pine River Township, Seville Township, St. Louis))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Tom Leonard 19,103 56.02
Democratic Josh Derke 11,929 34.98
Independent Michael Trebesh 3,068 9.0
Total votes 34,100 100.0
Republican hold
94th District
(Saginaw (Albee Township, Birch Run Township, Blumfield Township, Frankenmuth, Frankenmuth Township, Saginaw Township, St. Charles Township, Swan Creek Township, Taymouth Township, Thomas Township, Tittabawassee Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Tim Kelly 20,925 62.35
Democratic Vincent Mosca 12,634 37.65
Total votes 33,559 100.0
Republican hold
95th District
(Saginaw (Bridgeport Township, Buena Vista Township, Carrollton, James Township, Kochville Township, Saginaw, Spaulding Township, Zilwaukee, Zilwaukee Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Vanessa Guerra 17,371 76.25
Republican Jordan Haskins 5,412 23.75
Total votes 22,783 100.0
Democratic hold
96th District
(Bay (Bangor Township, Bay City, Essexville, Frankenlust Township, Hampton Township, Kawkawlin Township, Merritt Township, Monitor Township, Portsmouth Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Charles Brunner 13,149 68.07
Republican Carlos Jaime 6,169 31.93
Total votes 19,318 100.0
Democratic hold
97th District
(Arenac, Clare, Gladwin, Osceola (Evart, Evart Township, Hersey Township, Highland Township, Marion Township, Middle Branch Township, Orient Township, Osceola Township, Sherman Township, Sylvan Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Joel Johnson 16,570 63.10
Democratic Mark Lightfoot 9,688 36.90
Total votes 26,258 100.0
Republican hold
98th District
(Bay (Auburn, Beaver Township, Fraser Township, Garfield Township, Gibson Township, Midland -- portion within county, Mount Forest Township, Pinconning, Pinconning Township, Williams Township), Midland (Homer Township, Jerome Township, Larkin Township, Le
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Gary Glenn 15,773 55.39
Democratic Joan Brausch 12,705 44.61
Total votes 28,478 100.0
Republican hold
99th District
(Isabella, Midland (Coleman, Edenville Township, Geneva Township, Greendale Township, Hope Township, Ingersoll Township, Jasper Township, Mills Township, Mount Haley Township, Porter Township, Warren Township))
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Kevin Cotter 11,347 51.52
Democratic Bryan Mielke 10,676 48.48
Total votes 22,023 100.0
Republican hold
100th District
(Lake, Newaygo, Oceana)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Jon Bumstead 16,226 63.49
Democratic Mark Balcom 9,330 36.51
Total votes 25,556 100.0
Republican hold
101st District
(Benzie, Leelanau, Manistee, Mason)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Ray Franz 18,637 50.43
Democratic Tom Stobie 18,316 49.57
Total votes 36,953 100.0
Republican hold
102nd District
(Mecosta, Osceola (Burdell Township, Cedar Township, Hartwick Township, Leroy Township, Lincoln Township, Reed City, Richmond Township, Rose Lake Township), Wexford)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Philip Potvin 14,717 60.12
Democratic John Ruggles 9,761 39.88
Total votes 24,478 100.0
Republican hold
103rd District
(Crawford, Kalkaska, Missaukee, Ogemaw, Roscommon)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Bruce Rendon 18,257 60.23
Democratic James Cromwell 10,396 34.30
Independent Brad Richards 1,658 5.47
Total votes 30,311 100.0
Republican hold
104th District
(Grand Traverse)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Larry C. Inman 17,394 53.17
Democratic Betsy Coffia 15,317 46.83
Total votes 32,711 100.0
Republican hold
105th District
(Antrim, Charlevoix, Montmorency, Oscoda, Otsego)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Triston Cole 21,221 62.85
Democratic Jay Calo 12,544 37.15
Total votes 33,765 100.0
Republican hold
106th District
(Alcona, Alpena, Cheboygan (Aloha Township, Benton Township, Burt Township, Ellis Township, Forest Township, Grant Township, Inverness Township, Mentor Township, Mullett Township, Nunda Township, Walker Township, Waverly Township, Wilmot Township), Crawfo
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Peter Pettalia 18,614 55.02
Democratic Robert Kennedy 15,219 44.98
Total votes 33,833 100.0
Republican hold
107th District
(Cheboygan (Beaugrand Township, Cheboygan, Hebron Township, Koehler Township, Mackinaw Township, Munro Township, Tuscarora Township), Chippewa, Emmet, Mackinac)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Lee Chatfield 19,341 60.94
Democratic Jim Page 12,396 39.06
Total votes 31,737 100.0
Republican hold
108th District
(Delta, Dickinson, Menominee)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Ed McBroom 16,921 59.71
Democratic Grant Carlson 11,420 40.29
Total votes 28,341 100.0
Republican hold
109th District
(Alger, Luce, Marquette (excluding Powell Township, Ishpeming Township), Schoolcraft)
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic John Kivela 18,378 65.67
Republican Pete Mackin 9,607 34.33
Total votes 27,985 100.0
Democratic hold
110th District
(Baraga, Gogebic, Houghton, Iron, Keweenaw, Marquette (Ishpeming Township, Powell Township), Ontonagon)
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Scott Dianda 16,415 60.73
Republican Bob Michaels 10,614 39.27
Total votes 27,029 100.0
Democratic hold

Special Elections[edit]

75th District[edit]

Brandon Dillon resigned on August 3, 2015 after being elected chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party. Under state law, Governor Rick Snyder called a special primary election on November 4, 2015 and a special general election on March 8, 2016.[3]

Democrat David LaGrand defeated Michael Scruggs with 81% of the vote in the Democratic primary. Blake Edmonds was unopposed in the Republican primary.[4]

75th District Special Election (March 8, 2016)
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic David LaGrand
Republican Blake Edmonds
Total votes ' '

80th and 82nd Districts[edit]

Vacancies in the 80th and 82nd districts were caused by the expulsion of Cindy Gamrat and resignation of Todd Courser, respectively, on September 11, 2015. Under state law, Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley called a special primary election on November 4, 2015 and a special general election on March 8, 2016.[5]

In the G.O.P. primary, Mary Whiteford defeated seven other candidates, including Gamrat, with just over 50% of the vote in the 80th District; and Gary Howell won a 11-way primary, including Courser, with 27% of the vote in the 82nd District. David Gernant was unopposed in the Democratic primary in the 80th, and Margaret Guerrero DeLuca earned 85% in a three-way Democratic primary in the 82nd.[6]

80th District Special Election (March 8, 2016)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Mary Whiteford
Democratic David Gernant
Total votes ' '
82nd District Special Election (March 8, 2016)
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Gary Howell
Democratic Margaret Guerrero DeLuca
Total votes ' '

28th District[edit]

After the death of longtime Macomb County Treasurer Ted Wahby in December 2015,[7] one-term state Rep. Derek Miller was appointed treasurer [8] and resigned his House seat effective February 1, 2016.[9] On February 17, 2016, Gov. Rick Snyder called a special election to fill the remainder of Miller's term that expires at the end of 2016, with both the special primary and general elections to take place alongside the regularly scheduled elections.[10]

District 28
Republican Primary

  • Antoine M. Davison

Democratic Primary

  • Patrick Green
  • Paul M. Kardasz
  • Lori M. Stone
  • Mike Westphall

11th District[edit]

Democratic state Rep. Julie Plawecki of the 11th District died unexpectedly while hiking in Oregon on June 25, 2016.[11] Gov. Rick Snyder called a special election on July 5, 2016, to fill the remainder of Plawecki's term, with the special primary taking August 30 and the special general election to take place alongside the regularly scheduled general election on November 8, 2016.[12] The primary was canceled on July 13, 2016, by Snyder after only one Democrat and one Republican filed for the race, making a primary unnecessary.[13] The Democratic candidate is Plawecki's 22-year-old daughter Lauren. The winner will serve the final two months of the term that expires December 31, 2016.


  • Robert Pope (R)
  • Lauren Plawecki (D)


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