Michigan State League

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Michigan State League
Sport Minor League Baseball
Founded 1889; 1895; 1902; 1911; 1926; 1940
Ceased 1890; 1895; 1902; 1914; 1926; 1941
No. of teams 10; 7; 7; 8; 9; 6
Country USA

Michigan State League was the name of six American professional baseball leagues. Five of them operated only one or two baseball seasons and the other four seasons. Jointly they covered eleven baseball seasons from 1889 to 1941.

The first two Michigan State Leagues, 1889–1890 and 1895, predated the establishment of present-day Minor League Baseball, an umbrella organization of minor leagues. The third was a "Class D" league during 1902 only, the first season for the organized minors.

In 1911, the West Michigan League expanded and became the fourth Michigan State League as a "Class D" minor league through 1914.

In 1926, the Michigan–Ontario League merged with the Central League to form the fifth MSL, which played only the one season.

The sixth Michigan State League operated in 1940 and 1941.

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