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The Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS) is a professional association representing more than 15,000 physicians in Michigan. Incorporated on June 5, 1866,[1] MSMS is a non-profit, membership organization of physicians, graduates completing residency programs, and medical school students. The headquarters is located in East Lansing, Michigan, near Michigan State University and the capital city of Lansing. MSMS is the state affiliate of the American Medical Association.

The Michigan State Medical Society publishes the weekly Medigram eNewsletter and the bi-monthly Michigan Medicine magazine.


The mission of the Michigan State Medical Society is to promote a health care environment which supports physicians in caring for and enhancing the health of Michigan citizens through science, quality, and ethics in the practice of medicine.

Michigan State Medical Society headquarters


In 1819, five physicians organized the Michigan Medical Society in Detroit. Its purpose was "to examine medical students and certify those so deemed as doctors." The group later reorganized in Ann Arbor as the Peninsula Medical Society in 1851. That organization disbanded by 1859.

Formation of the Michigan State Medical Society took place June 5, 1866 in the Supreme Court Room of Odd Fellows Hall in Detroit, near Woodward and E. Jefferson Avenues. About 100 physicians from all areas in Michigan were present. The society pledged "to elevate professional and medical education and to cultivate the advancement of medical science." The society also adopted the code of ethics of the American Medical Association (AMA).

Among its first projects was the establishment of a state public health department, which was created in 1873. The society was housed in various buildings in Detroit until a headquarters was constructed in Lansing.

The state society, a voluntary, professional organization, provides postgraduate training for physicians and strives to improve the public health by its public service, and educational activities.

AMA Presidents from Michigan[edit]

  • Zina Pichter, MD, Detroit, 1856
  • William Brodie, MD, Detroit 1886
  • Donald MacLean, MD, Detroit 1895
  • Victor C. Vaughan, MD, Ann Arbor 1914
  • John J. Coury, MD, Port Huron 1986

Executive Directors[edit]

  • William J. Burns, 1935-1963
  • Hugh W. Brenneman, 1963-1970
  • Warren F. Tryloff, 1970-1984
  • Bruce W. Ambrose, 1984-1987
  • William E. Madigan, 1987-2005
  • Kevin E. Kelly, 2005-2008
  • Julie L. Novak, 2008-Present
Michigan Historic Site marker


World-renowned Michigan architect Minoru Yamasaki (1912-1985) designed the Michigan State Medical Society headquarters. Upon its completion in 1961, Yamasaki explained, "The intent was to build a serene and inviting building to express the idealism and humanity of the medical profession." The terraced landscape, the slender columns, 31 rippling arches and the graceful lines inspired visitors to remark, "It seems to float in the air."

In 1991, the Yamasaki firm designed an atrium connecting the original building to the Cyrus M. Stockwell wing, named for the society's first president. Yamasaki's best known design was the World Trade Center in New York City.

The Michigan State Medical Society building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It's also designated as a Michigan Historical Site.


  • Julie L. Novak, Chief Executive Officer
  • Benjamin J. Louagie, Chief Operating Officer


  • James D. Grant, MD, President
  • Rose M. Ramirez, MD, President-Elect
  • John E. Billi, MD, Secretary
  • Venkat K. Rao, MD, Treasurer
  • Pino D. Colone, MD, Speaker
  • Raymond R. Rudoni, MD, Vice Speaker
  • Kenneth Elmassian, DO, Immediate Past President

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