Michihiko Ohta

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Michihiko Ohta
Native name 太田 美知彦
Occupation(s) Composer, arranger
Associated acts Kouji Wada, Ai Maeda

Michihiko Ohta (太田 美知彦, Ōta Michihiko, November 23, 1964) is a Japanese singer, composer and arranger who has worked for several anime series such as Bubblegum Crash, Captain Tsubasa J and Digimon.


In the Digimon series, Ohta wrote three of the four opening themes: "Target ~Akai Shougeki~",[1] "The Biggest Dreamer" and "FIRE!!" (all sung by Kouji Wada) - almost every Evolution theme - "brave heart", "Break Up!" (sung by Ayumi Miyazaki), "SLASH!!" (sung by himself) and others - several Image themes and other Digimon related songs. He also wrote and arranged some of the tracks on Kouji Wada's album All of My Mind'.

In 2003, Ohta released Mirai e no Message ~Michihiko Ohta Self-Cover, an album containing cover versions some of the Digimon songs he wrote and with duets with other Digimon singers, Kouji Wada and Ai Maeda.

Ohta wrote an insert song for the fifth Digimon series, Digimon Savers. The track, titled "Believer" and sung by Ikuo of Prince of Tennis fame, is used as the series evolution theme, and was released on June 29, 2006.


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