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Origin Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Genres Folk rock
Years active 2007 (2007)–2012 (2012)
Labels Distort and Green and Gold Music
Website itsnicetomichou.com
Members Michael Hargreaves (2007-2012)
Ryan Frith (2007-2012)
Sasha Appler (2007-2012)
Stefan Cvetkovic (2009-2012)
Past members Ryan Ard (2007-2009)
Lucas Semple (2007-2008)

Michou were a Canadian folk rock band from Windsor. Michou's first release was 2007's EP, Medea. Their first studio album Myshkin was released 2008 in Canada,[1] and produced a music video for the single "Control" that was aired on MuchMusic and MTV.[2]

Following the release of 2008's Myshkin, Michou released their Rosehips EP, a collection of three "limited edition acoustic songs [that the band] recorded in Winnipeg, MB at Empire Recording".[3] The 2009 release of Rosehips was limited to 500 Dropcard downloads with access to the songs "Rosehips", "Four Brothers", and "Weak Knees", which were recorded between sessions that became Cardona.

Michou released their sophomore studio album titled Cardona through iTunes Canada on February 16, 2010,[4] producing two singles for "Growing Younger" and "Eavesdropping".[5] Cardona was produced by Winnipeg based musician/producer Phil Deschambeau of Ash Koley. The following year Michou were awarded XM Canada's "Artist of the Year".[6] Later that same year Michou released their second EP entitled Celebrate Love before officially disbanding in autumn 2012. Hargreaves and Cvetkovic went on to form the The Walkervilles, with longtime friend and fellow Windsor musician Pat Robitaille.



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  • Michou official website is no longer active.