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Michuzi Blog
Michuzi Blog Logo.jpg
Type of site
Available inKiswahili
OwnerIssa Michuzi
Launched8 September 2005
Current statusActive

Michuzi Blog is a Kiswahili blog in Tanzania.[1] It was launched in 2005 by the Daily News photojournalist Issa Michuzi. The blog is mostly read by resident Tanzanians and assists in bridging the information gap between the diaspora and the motherland.


In September 2005, Michuzi had accompanied the former Tanzanian foreign minister Jakaya Kikwete who was attending the Helsinki Conference in Finland. There, he met Ndesanjo Macha who assisted him in setting up the blog.


Blog entries are posted daily with news content and general updates mostly related to Tanzania. Readers have the opportunity to comment on the post, subject to approval by the moderator. The reason for the moderation is because some readers use foul language under the guise of anonymity.

The blog also posts requests from readers to make announcements of their graduation, marriage, birth of a newborn and death of their loved ones. At times, readers seek advice from the online community on various issues concerning them. Such posts are titled as Msaada Tutani.

April Fools' Day Pranks[edit]

Since 2008, Michuzi has been playing pranks on his readers on April Fools' Day:

  • 2008: he announced that President Kikwete had appointed him as the District Commissioner for the newly created Tegeta District in Dar es Salaam Region. Some of his readers fell for it and congratulated him.[2]
  • 2009: he announced his engagement to Tanzanian musician Rehema Chalamila (popularly known as Ray C).[3]
  • 2010: he informed his blog audience that his trademark polo shirt (known as 'Ze Fulanazzz' in Kiswahili) had been sold for £1,000 and the proceeds would be used to assist 10 new bloggers. The deadline for submitting the applications was 10 April.[4]
  • 2011: he issued a news alert informing his readers that he had relocated to Washington, D.C. for his new job as the White House correspondent for the Voice of America-Kiswahili.[5]
  • 2012: he announced that he had been selected as the winner of an award by the (fictitious) American Celebrities Guild for his contribution in connecting people; specifically after the availability of his blog free of charge via the UhuruOne Wifi hotspots in Dar es Salaam. The prize constituted a monetary award of a cool US$800,000![6]
  • 2013: he announced the creation of his music band known as "La Orchestre les Libeneke" saying it would be launched before the Saba Saba Day.[7]
  • 2014: he informed his readers that he had purchased a small aircraft.[8]

Web Statistics[edit]

Country Visitors
 South Africa
 United States

About 84% of the web traffic comes from Tanzania.[9]


  • 2011: Best Political Blog at the 1st Annual Tanzanian Blog Awards
  • 2012: Local Digital Media Award by Vodacom Awards for Digital Excellence (VADE)


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