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Mick Brown (born 1950 in London) is a journalist who has written for several British newspapers, including The Guardian and The Sunday Times and for international publications. For many years he has contributed regularly to The Daily Telegraph. He is also a broadcaster and the author of several books.[1]

Brown has written many articles about rock music[2] and in 2007 wrote Tearing Down the Wall of Sound,[3] a biography of record producer Phil Spector.[4]

Mick Brown's previous book, The Dance of 17 Lives,[5][6][7][8] told the story of the 17th Karmapa, one of the most important figures in Tibetan Buddhism. This book covers the life of Urgyen Trinley Dorje and clarifies the politics surrounding his recognition.[9]

Brown has also written a biography of entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, which has been revised to take into account Branson's latest business interests, including the Virgin rail service and his failed bid to run the National Lottery.

His book The Spiritual Tourist, cataloged contemporary spiritual quests around the globe, particularly in India. Brown also compiled a companion album to the book, Music for the Spiritual Tourist.



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