Mick Brown (musician)

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Mick Brown
Mick Brown live in 2007
Background information
Birth name Michael J. Brown
Also known as "Wild" Mick Brown
Born (1956-09-08) September 8, 1956 (age 61)
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Glam metal, hard rock, heavy metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Drums, percussion, vocals, maracas, tambourine, bongos, chimes
Years active 1977–present
Associated acts Dokken
Lynch Mob
Ted Nugent
Hear 'n Aid
T & N

Michael J. Brown, a.k.a. "Wild" Mick Brown (born September 8, 1956) is a drummer who has played in the bands Dokken, Ted Nugent, Lynch Mob, and Xciter. He is a co-founder of Dokken[1] and is known by many Dokken fans as "Wild" Mick Brown.


Early life[edit]

Mick Brown was born in San Mateo County, California on September 8, 1956 and began playing drums at age 8 when on his birthday he took his first drum lesson from Mickey Hart (who two years later joined the rock band The Grateful Dead.)[2] Mick Brown joined his first rock-and-roll band at age 10, and met future Dokken bandmates Don Dokken and George Lynch after leaving school in 1974.



Dokken was founded by Mick Brown and Don Dokken in 1978 as The Boyz[3] and changed their name to Dokken in 1981 as Don Dokken had obtained a solo record deal with Carrere Records. Brown sang vocals on the track "Tooth and Nail" on Dokken's live acoustic album, released in 1995, entitled One Live Night. Apart from Don Dokken, Brown is the only person to appear on every Dokken album. Brown is credited on Broken Bones, but Jimmy Degrasso played on the record, not Brown.

Ted Nugent[edit]

Around 2003 in a conversation with Ted Nugent, former Nugent lighting designer Will Twork mentioned that Brown would be the perfect addition to Nugent's band, after Nugent had heard about Brown from then-bass player Barry Sparks. Twork had worked with Brown on the first Lynch Mob tour, as well as on the 1995 Dokken "Reunion Tour" in Japan. "Mick is an awesome drummer and personality and perfect for Nugent", said Twork in 2015. In 2006 Brown played drums for Nugent on Nugent's Unleash The Beast Tour, and in 2013 Brown played drums for Nugent on Nugent's Mid-west Rock-n-Roll Express 2013 Tour.[4]

Tooth And Nail[edit]

Brown is also a member of T&N (band), a band that features original Dokken members George Lynch and Jeff Pilson.[5] Their debut album "Slave To The Empire" was released October 31, 2012. The band has also been renamed T&N.



On July 8, 2012 Brown was arrested in Bangor, Maine after he reportedly stole a golf cart and drove it down a Bangor street drunk after performing with Ted Nugent. Brown was charged with driving under the influence (DUI), reckless driving, theft, and assault. He was released on $4,000 bail and was due back in court August 15, 2012. Having initially pleaded not guilty, on November 13 of that year he pleaded guilty to DUI with the other charges being dropped, was fined $1,000 and banned from driving for 90 days.[6] [7]


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