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Mick Fabar
Mick Fabar.jpg
Michael John Fabar

ResidenceOrange, New South Wales
  • Businessman
Known for
  • Founding of Green Homes Australia
  • Guinness World Records
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Michael "Mick" John Fabar is an Australian businessman, builder, sportsman, and Guinness World Records holder. He is best known for his work as a green buildings specialist. As an athlete, he has twice held the world record for most punches in one minute, as well as breaking the world record for most hits on a speedball in one minute. Fabar is also the builder of ZeroD, the first sustainable, carbon-neutral car.[1]

Business career[edit]

Fabar is known for his work as a green buildings specialist. In 2001 he founded Mick Fabar Construction in Orange. Within five years, he received an excellence award for a redevelopment project from the Master Builders Association.[2] Fabar later founded Green Homes Australia, a company that provides affordable and energy efficient homes.[3][4]

Fabar became the only credited green home builder in the region by 2008.[citation needed] The same year he constructed two environmentally friendly houses in his hometown, showcasing his new construction approach with Green Homes Australia.[5] In 2009, Fabar was a finalist in the Housing Industry Association awards in two categories: GreenSmart Builder of the Year and National Home of the Year, winning the HIA National awards for Water Efficiency 2008 and energy Efficiency 2009.[6]

Fabar developed a franchise model for Green Homes Australia, allowing builders to have access to the company's knowledge and resources and business model which has now been launched internationally under the banner of Green Homes New Zealand. Since that time Mick Fabar has been approached internationally by parties in Europe, the United States and Asia to further grow the Green Homes brand. The company certified its Energy Management System against ISO 50001 in 2014 and it remained the only Australian building company to have the certificate as of August 2015.[3][7]

Sports career[edit]

Fabar played rugby league at regional representative level as a youth until a knee injury forced him out of the sport at age 17.[8] He also had a career in amateur and professional boxing where he was coached by John Robinson, a former coach for the Australian Boxing Team.[9]


Fabar is the builder of ZeroD, a 1967 Ford Falcon modified hot rod. It is certified by the Bond University to be the first sustainable, carbon-neutral car. It has won several national races in Australia.[1] Fabar has competed in various Motorsport events, being named the Hot Rod Champion in the Meguair's MotorEx in 2005 and 2011.[10][11] He has also won the Street Machine of the Year award in 2013,[12] and the Summernats Grand Champion award in 2013.[13]

Guinness World Records[edit]

Fabar broke the Guinness Record for most punches in one minute on two separate occasions. The first was on 19 November 2005, when he took the world record with 436 punches.[14] The world record was taken Englishman Paddy Doyle, with Fabar regained the world record in an event organized in Sydney Football Stadium, achieving 548 punches in one minute.[15] Fabar also became the holder of the Guinness Record for most left jabs thrown in 60 seconds, taking the world record with 302. As of 2015 he also holds the Guinness Record for most hits on a speedball in one minute, a feat he achieved in 2008 with 447.[16]

Legal Issues[edit]

In early 2008 Mick Fabar underwent a rocky period where he was accused of several offences that were later dismissed. On 27 February 2008 Fabar plead guilty to seven counts of contravening apprehended violence orders (AVO) after police dropped 19 other charges.[17] Despite the guilty plea by Fabar and the seriousness of the dropped charges, Ms. Stevenson enforced six month suspended sentence due to Fabar's high profile charity work. After court proceedings finished, Fabar issued a statement through his solicitor, Mason Manwaring saying his client (Fabar) wanted to publicly apologise for his poor judgement in handling this issue.[17] On June 5, 2008 Fabar's charity work with Ronald McDonald House helped to have his sentence downgraded from a six month suspended sentence to an 18 month good behaviour bond.[18]


Mick Fabar was born in Orange, New South Wales to John and Anne Fabar where he lives with his wife and three children.[8] He attended St Mary’s Primary School and James Sheahan High School, graduating in 1989. He went on to study at TAFE NSW, receiving his builder qualifications in 1993.


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