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Mick Grøndahl (often spelled Grondahl) (born 7 May 1968) is a Danish-American bass guitarist. Born and brought up in Denmark, he is best known for playing bass guitar on Jeff Buckley's debut album, Grace.[1]

Grøndahl attended Skidmore College where he majored in sculpture but soon moved to New York City where he played with several bands. He met Jeff Buckley after seeing him at The Fez, jammed with him that night, and joined his band soon after. Grøndahl became an integral part of Buckley's live sound, and wrote the song Edna Frau which Jeff would sometimes sing. After Buckley's death, he played in several bands including Elysian Fields,[2] Black Beetle and Tongue. He is currently (2016) living in Denmark recording a demo with Tongue.[3][4][5]




  • Jeff Buckley: Grace (1994)
  • Jeff Buckley: Fall in Light (1999)
  • Jeff Buckley: Live in Chicago (2000)
  • Jeff Buckley: Everybody Here Wants You (2002)


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