Mick Johnson

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Mick Johnson
Brookside character
Portrayed by Louis Emerick
Duration 1989-2001
First appearance 12 April 1989
Last appearance 22 August 2001
Created by Phil Redmond
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Taxi driver
Shop keeper

Michael Johnson is a fictional character from the British soap opera Brookside, played by Louis Emerick. The character made his first appearance during the episode airing on 12 April 1989. He made his final appearance on 22 August 2001.


Emerick had been unable to pay off a telephone bill and a woman named Rita offered to pay it. He refused and instead requested that Rita contact his agent should any acting work arise. He credits her for helping him secure the role of Mick.[1] His first day on set was spent with Brian Regan (who played Terry Sullivan). Mick's first scenes involved him picking up a dead body in his taxi with Terry.[1] By 1998, Emerick was on a £70, 000 contract with the show.[2]


Emerick told Tina Miles of the Liverpool Echo that he was fortunate to be given "great storylines" such as being stalked and committing an act of euthanasia.[3]

In 2001, Emerick decided to leave Brookside to pursue other acting opportunities. Executive producer Paul Marquess said that it was a mutual decision because there was nothing more to do with the character. Marquess added "writers have taken time to come up with an emotional storyline fitting for the long-serving character."[4]


Jon Horsley from Yahoo! stated "Louis Emerick added wit and humour to the often bleak soap and became one of its most loved and recognisable characters." He named Mick's most memorable storylines as being the victim of racial abuse and a steroid addiction.[1] A reporter from the Manchester Evening News has branded Mick as "loveable" and admitted they missed watching the character.[5] A writer from believed that Emerick was a Brookside favourite with viewers.[6] Author of Black in the British Frame Stephen Bourne opined that Mick was an inoffensive black character, much like Alan Jackson (Howard Antony), a character from rival soap opera EastEnders. Bourne described them both as "good, reliable, hard-working fathers, and as well-integrated members of their communities."[7]


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