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Origin Coventry, England, United Kingdom
Genres Trance
Progressive trance
Years active 1995–present
Labels Perfecto
Hooj Choons
Members Mick Parks
Andy Moor
Past members Mick Wilson
John Graham

Tilt is a British group of electronic record producers, composed of Andy Moor and Mick Parks.

Tilt was started in Coventry, England by Mick Parks and Mick Wilson. They became resident DJs at Eclipse, one of the early 1990s rave dance clubs. During their time at Eclipse, they met Sasha, who inspired them to produce their own material. In 1993, they met up with John Graham and formed Tilt. Their first big hit single came in 1996 with "I Dream", released on Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto Records. Tilt released several other singles such as "My Spirit", "Places", and "Butterfly", as well as "Rendezvous", which they recorded with Paul van Dyk.

Following this success, they were signed by Red Jerry's Hooj Choons label. On Hooj Choons, they released "Invisible", which reached the Top 20 in the UK Singles Chart.[1] They also produced a cover version of Robert Miles' "Children". Additionally, Tilt also released their "Dark Science EP" on Hooj.

Graham left Tilt in 1999 to pursue a solo production career, but Tilt, now a duo, continued to release singles. Andy Moor then joined up with Parks and Wilson. They released the album, Explorer, on the now defunct Hooj Choon's subsidiary label, Lost Language. Shortly after the album release, Wilson left the band to pursue his own career.

Selected discography[edit]


  • 1995: "I Dream" (UK #69) (Perfecto)
  • 1997: "My Spirit" (UK #61) (Perfecto)
  • 1997: "Places" (UK #64) (Perfecto)
  • 1998: "Butterfly" (UK #41) (US #31) (feat. Zee) (Perfecto)
  • 1999: "Children" (UK #51) (Deconstruction)
  • 1999: "Invisible" (UK #20) (Hooj Choons)
  • 2000: "Dark Science EP" (UK #55) (Hooj Choons)
  • 2002: "Headstrong" (feat. Maria Nayler) (Baroque Records)
  • 2004: "The World Doesn't Know" (UK #36) (Lost Language)[1]



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