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For other people of a similar name, see Michael Turner (disambiguation).
Mick Turner
Mick Turner of the Dirty Three.jpg
Background information
Born 1960 (age 54–55)[1]
Melbourne, Australia
Occupation(s) Guitarist/artist
Instruments Guitar
Associated acts Dirty Three, The Moodists
Website mickturner.com

Mick Turner is an Australian musician and artist, best known as the guitarist for Dirty Three and for his paintings.[2] He was born in Black Rock, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.[3]

Prior to his work with Dirty Three, Turner was a member of several Melbourne-based rock bands: Sick Things (1979–1988), The Moodists (1983–1984), Fungus Brains (1982–1987), and Venom P. Stinger (1985–1996 with Jim White).

In addition to playing with Jim White and Warren Ellis, Mick also runs the Dirty Three's record label, Anchor & Hope Records and has painted the cover illustration for all of their major albums except their first. He has had art exhibitions around Australia and internationally.

Fellow Dirty Three member, Jim White, plays with Mick: The Tren Brothers, and together they have played with Cat Power, Boxhead Ensemble and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.

Turner has also released three solo albums under his own name, two albums with Jessica Billey under the moniker Bonnevill, as well as a single credited to "Tren Brothers & Sister" featuring Turner, White & Billey.

Turner currently performs his solo work, accompanied by one of several Melbourne drummers: Ian Wadley (member of Bird Blobs), or Marty Brown (drummer with Art of Fighting). In November 2013, Turner played the final holiday camp edition of the world famous All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Camber Sands, England.[4]

His 2013 solo album Don't tell the Driver features guest performances from Caroline Kennedy-McCracken and Oliver Mann among others.[5]



The Sick Things[edit]

  • Committed To Suicide 7", (single)
  • The Sounds Of Silence, (album), (Shock Records, 1981)

The Fungus Brains[edit]

  • The Fungus Brains (album)
  • Ron Pisto's Real World 12", (album), (Dr. Jim's Records, 1983)
  • That's Right 12", (album)
  • Romance Of The Fungus World, (album), (Monash Records, 1986)
  • I'm So Glad, (album), (Magnetic Records, (1989)

The Moodists[edit]

  • Thirsty's Calling, (album), (Red Flame Records, 1984)
  • Runaway 7", (single)
  • Enough Legs To Live On 7", (single), (1985)
  • Double Life, (album), (Red Flame Records, 1985)

Venom P. Stinger[edit]

  • Meet My Friend Venom, (album), (No Masters Voice, 1987)
  • Walking About/26 mgs 7", (single), (Aberrant Records, 1988)
  • Whats Yours Is Mine, (album), (Aberrant/Normal Records, 1990)
  • Scumbait No. 2 7", (single), (Treehouse 23, 1990)
  • The Waiting Room EP, (album), (Au Go Go Records, 1991)
  • Live, (recorded live in Davis, California), (Anopheles Records, 1992)
  • Thickskin/Tearbucketer 7", (single), (Death Valley Records, 1994)
  • Tearbucketer, (album), (Siltbreeze/Matador Records, 1996)

Dirty Three[edit]

Further information: Dirty Three discography

Solo & duo[edit]

Mick Turner[edit]

  • Tren Phantasma, (Drag City, 1997)
  • Marlan Rosa, (Drag City, 1999)
  • "Sunny X-Mas Day" on the compilation "Chicago 2018... It's Gonna Change", (Clearspot Records, 2000)
  • "Carny's Dance", on the compilation "The Nature of Systems", (compilation), (Carbon Records, 2000)
  • Seven Angels (Purposeful Availment), (EP), (Three Lobed Recordings, 2002)
  • Moth, (album), (Drag City, 2003)
  • Don't tell the Driver, album, (Drag City, 2013)[6]

Mick Turner/Tren Brothers[edit]

  • Blue Trees, (compilation album), (Drag City, 2007)

Tren Brothers[edit]

Tren Brothers & Sister[edit]

  • Swing Pts. 1 & 2 7", (Chapter Music, 2001)


  • Travels in Constants, Vol. 2, (album), (Temporary Residence Records, 1999)
  • Pelican, (album), (Bella Union, 2001)
  • "Prairie Lullaby" on the compilation Currents and Directions, (Meridian Records, 2003)

Bonnie Billy and the Marquis de Tren[edit]

Ensemble and supporting musician[edit]


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