Mickey's House and Meet Mickey

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Mickey's House and Meet Mickey
Mickey's Country House.jpg
Mickey's Country House at Magic Kingdom
Magic Kingdom
NameMickey's Country House
AreaMickey's Toontown Fair
Opening dateJune 18, 1988
Closing dateFebruary 12, 2011
Replaced byPete's Silly Sideshow
AreaMickey's Toontown
Opening dateJanuary 24, 1993
Tokyo Disneyland
Opening dateApril 15, 1996
Hong Kong Disneyland
NameMickey's House
AreaMain Street, U.S.A.
Opening dateJanuary 22, 2008
Closing dateAugust 9, 2009
General statistics
Attraction typeWalk Through, Meet & Greet
ThemeMickey Mouse's home

Mickey's House and Meet Mickey is a walk through and Meet & Greet attraction at Mickey's Toontown in Disneyland and Toontown at Tokyo Disneyland. Similar attractions formerly existed in the Magic Kingdom and Hong Kong Disneyland.


This attraction first opened at the Magic Kingdom in 1988 and was named Mickey's Country House. Another version of the attraction opened in 1993 with Mickey's Toontown at Disneyland. Another version of the attraction also opened on April 15, 1996 with Toontown at Tokyo Disneyland.

Magic Kingdom[edit]

At the Magic Kingdom, Mickey's Toontown Fair initially opened as Mickey's Birthdayland on June 18, 1988. It became Mickey's Starland on May 26, 1990, and Mickey's Toontown Fair on October 1, 1996. Its storyline portrayed the land as the holiday home for the characters who reside at Mickey's Toontown in California. This attraction existed in the land since its opening as Mickey's Birthdayland in 1988. The house changed several times since its opening.

Magic Kingdom's Mickey's Toontown Fair closed permanently in February 2011 in order to make way for the expansion of Fantasyland.[1] Mickey's Country House also closed permanently at this time.

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