Mickey's Mechanical House

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Mickey's Mechanical House is a cartoon made by the Walt Disney Television Animation. It was originally released in 1999.[1] It was narrated by Monty Python member John Cleese.


Mickey Mouse keeps trying to sleep while living in an old, unrepaired house, which constantly annoys him. Mickey decides to move out of it; he takes Pluto and runs down a sidewalk full of houses. Soon, he meets a salesman who is selling a modern and clean "electric house" where anything can be controlled by a push of a button on a remote control. Mickey, delighted that it was better than the other, buys the house and moves in it. At first, the mouse is happy with his new home, but the robotic servant and malfunctioning equipment make him change his mind and escape from the place. Eventually, Mickey changes his values and returns to live in his old house.


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