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Mickey MacConnell (born 1947) is an Irish musician and songwriter.

Life and work[edit]

MacConnell was born in Bellanaleck[1] near Enniskillen in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. He is the youngest member of a musical family. He worked in Dublin for Irish Press Group and, later, with The Irish Times.

MacConnell began writing songs very early in his life. In 1965,[2] he wrote Only Our Rivers Run Free - a song that describes the natural world being damaged by the Irish border and that has been described by Stuart Bailie as "political but not hectoring".[3] This encouraged him to seriously devote himself to writing music when he moved to Listowel, County Kerry, where he lives[4] with his wife, Maura.

His first album, Peter Pan and Me was released in 1992.[5]

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