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Screenshot from Short Subject

Short Subject (commonly known as Mickey Mouse in Vietnam) is a 16mm American underground animated short film. The director was Whitney Lee Savage (father of Adam Savage, of MythBusters fame);[1] the producer and head designer was Milton Glaser. The short was produced under the auspices of a studio named Max Cats and Whittesey Sledge Studios. It features the Disney character Mickey Mouse being shipped to Vietnam during the war. Moments after arriving, he is shot dead. It was produced independently in 1969 and has a total running time of one minute.[2] It received an award from the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen in 1970.[3]The film was thought to be lost for many years until April 22, 2013, when a YouTube user uploaded the video.[4][5][6][7] Five years later, on July 31, 2018, the full short was discovered and uploaded by another YouTube user; this version includes the opening and closing titles, both of which were absent in the 2013 upload, as well the audio track, which, until then, was assumed to be completely lost. The music prominently used in the soundtrack is The Gonk by Herbert Chappell, which was popularized by George A. Romero's horror film Dawn of the Dead.

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