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From left to right: Headphone, USB and Micro-DVI ports on a MacBook Air

The Micro-DVI port is a video connection port used by Original 2008 Apple MacBook Air laptop computers. It is smaller than the Mini-DVI port used by its MacBook sister models. To use the port for displaying video on a monitor or television that has a different-style connector, an adapter must be used. Both a Micro-DVI to DVI adapter and a Micro-DVI to VGA adapter were included with previous versions of the MacBook Air.[1]

The Micro-DVI to DVI adapter is a DVI-D (digital only) compatible port, and is incompatible with DVI-I and DVI-A connectors as it does not have the necessary connections to the analog pins.

The Micro-DVI port was discontinued and was replaced with the newer Mini DisplayPort connector when the MacBook Air1,1 model was updated at the Apple Special Event on October 14, 2008 to model MacBook Air2,1.

Similar Connectors[edit]

The Asus U2E ultraportable includes a video connector labelled as "Micro-DVI" that is electrically an HDMI port in actuality. This connector does not, however, include audio support like HDMI, and is video only like DVI.

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