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MicroEMACS is a small, portable Emacs-like text editor originally written by Dave Conroy in 1985, and further developed by Daniel M. Lawrence (1958–2010[1][2]) and was maintained by him. MicroEMACS has been ported to many operating systems, including MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, VAX/VMS, Atari ST, AmigaOS and various Unix-like operating systems.

Variants of MicroEMACS also exist, such as MicroGNUEmacs (later renamed mg), a more GNU Emacs-compatible editor. Many relationships to vi can also be found in MicroEMACS. The vi clone vile was based on an older version of MicroEMACS.

Linus Torvalds uses a customized[3] version (maintained by him) of uEmacs/PK 4.0.15.[4] This version was adapted by Petri H. Kutvonen from MicroEMACS 3.9e.

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