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MicroMV logo
MicroMV videocassette
MicroMV videocassette
Media type Magnetic Tape
Encoding NTSC, PAL
Standard Interlaced video
Usage Home movies
MicroMV camcorder and tape (top) compared to miniDV and Hi8 tapes

MicroMV was a proprietary videotape format introduced in October 2001 by Sony. This videocassette is physically smaller than a Digital8 or DV cassette. In fact, MicroMV is the smallest videotape format — 70% smaller than MiniDV or about the size of two US quarter coins. MicroMV was the first helical scan tape system using MR read head introduced to the market. Each cassette can hold up to 60 minutes of video.[1]

The MicroMV format does not use the highly popular DV format. Instead, it uses 12 Mbit/s MPEG-2 compression, like that used for DVDs and HDV. Footage recorded on MicroMV format initially could not be directly edited with mainstream DV editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro; instead Sony supplied its own video editing software MovieShaker (for Windows PCs only). Later versions of Ulead Video Studio and several freeware applications however could capture and edit from Sony MicroMV Camcorders.

MicroMV has not been a successful format. Sony was the only electronics manufacturer to sell MicroMV cameras. As of January 2006, Sony does not offer any new MicroMV camcorder models.

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