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Micro Lad might refer to one of two characters from different incarnations of the Legion of Super-Heroes comic book, published by DC Comics.

Lalo Muldron[edit]

Original and current continuity[edit]

In original Legion continuity, Micro Lad was Lalo Muldron from Shrinking Violet's homeworld of Imsk. He first appeared as part of a team of Legion rejects, and went on to lead the Imsk Liberation Front and join the Legion of Super-Villains (LSV).

In the post-Infinite-Crisis return of the original Legion, Micro Lad was murdered by Akka, one of Saturn Queen's recruits to a new iteration of the LSV.

This version of Micro Lad was originally part of the pre-Zero Hour DC Universe but is now known also to be part of the main continuity/main Earth in the current DC Multiverse.

Reboot Legion[edit]

In post-Zero Hour continuity, the character used the name Micro and again failed to join the Legion.

This version of Muldron was originally part of the post-Zero Hour DC Universe, but is now known to live on a parallel earth of the DC Multiverse.

Gim Allon (Threeboot Legion)[edit]

The "threeboot" version of Legionnaire Gim Allon prefers this name, as he comes from a race of giants and has the ability to shrink to normal human size. However, he is generally known as Colossal Boy.

This version of Gim Allon lives on a parallel earth (Earth-Prime) of the DC Multiverse.