Micro Mouse Goes Debugging

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Micro Mouse Goes Debugging
Developer(s) Steve Hughes
Publisher(s) MC Lothlorien
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum 16K, Commodore 64
Release 1983
Mode(s) Single player

Micro Mouse Goes Debugging is a computer game for the ZX Spectrum. It was released by MC Lothlorien in 1983.


The premise was to control Micro Mouse around a screen which contained lines of BASIC program, some of which is missing. While Micro Mouse is replacing the code, he must avoid bugs which will try to kill you and also pinch part of the code. Micro Mouse's only form of defense was a can of data kill.

1989 video game[edit]

MC Lothlorien produced another game of the same name in 1989 which was released by Mastertronic.[1] It was also released for the Amstrad CPC and the Commodore 64.[2] This has completely different gameplay compared to the original. In this version, you guided Micro Mouse around a circuit board picking up parts and placing them in the correct spot. This version was poorly received by critics.[3][4]


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