Micro Safari: Journey to the Bugs

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Micro Safari: Journey to the Bugs is a National Geographic production starring Nigel Marven, which features him and his crew shrinking themselves to the size of an insect and exploring his back garden. It is a mixture of a documentary with a fictionalized account; within the fiction of the show, Marven uses his time narrating to the viewer about what is happening in front of him just like a voiceover narrator does in a regular documentary.


Nigel Marven and his two-man crew shrink themselves to a half an inch tall and explore the small world of bugs. Little do they know, these are like monsters at their miniaturised state. As they venture through the back yard, they encounter many species of bugs and even a frog the size of a dinosaur (from Nigel's point of view). After going through Spider Valley, they learn of the extreme side effects of being miniaturised, and must survive and make it back to their car in twenty-three hours, or remain small for the rest of their short lives. In the climax, it's all up to his assistant Laura to save him.


  • Nigel Marven plays himself in the movie. Like many of the other works he has appeared in, he again "explores" a world alien to viewers of his works within a fictionalized (and simulated) setting.
  • Laura is Nigel's rookie assistant. She guides Nigel throughout his journey from inside their van and even helps him out whenever the bugs pester them. She is played by actress Sarah Matravers.
  • Doug is the driver of Nigel's van. He is an Australian whose years of experience in the Australian Bush has prepared him for the perils that await him and the rest of the crew against the insects that might endanger them. He is played by actor Robin Lawrence.