Microalgal bacterial flocs

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Microalgae do not settle by gravity, therefore expensive harvesting techniques must be applied. This is a major bottleneck of microalgal technology. Bioflocculation of microalgae and bacteria addresses this.

MaB-flocs or Microalgal Bacterial flocs settle by gravity, up to density of 20 g per liter. This is a major improvement for microalgal technology for wastewater treatment.

Currently, MaB-flocs are being applied for sewage treatment on lab and pilot scale in Germany, New Zealand and Belgium. The idea is to scavenge nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from the wastewater, sometimes combined with flue gas treatment.

Current research on MaB-flocs[edit]

Germany: http://www.tu-harburg.de/aww/forschung/pdf/beschreibung_eut058b2.pdf

New Zealand: http://ir.canterbury.ac.nz/handle/10092/3533

Belgium: http://www.aquafuels.eu/attachments/066_Presentation%20-%20S.%20Van%20den%20Hende%20(Howest)%20-%20MaB-flocs%20for%20harvesting.pdf