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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Proteobacteria
Class: Gammaproteobacteria
Order: Alteromonadales
Family: Alteromonadaceae
Genus: Microbulbifer
González et al. 1997
Type species
Microbulbifer hydrolyticus

M. agarilyticus
M. celer
M. chitinlyticus
M. elongatus
M. elongatus
M. epialgicus
M. gwangyangensis
M. halophilus
M. hydrolyticus
M. mangrovi
M. marinus
M. maritimus
M. okinawensis
M. pacificus
M. rhizosphaerae
M. salipaludis
M. taiwanensis
M. thermotolerans
M. varibilis
M. yueqingensis

Microbulbifer is a genus of Proteobacteria found in high-salt environments. Members of this genus can degrade complex carbohydrates such as cellulose, alginate, and chitin. Recently, Microbulbifer degredans was renamed Saccharophagus degredans.[1]


Microbulbifer (Mi.cro. bul’bi.fer. Gr. adj. micro, small; L. m. n. bulbus, onion, bulb; L. suff. -fer, carrying, bearing; L. m. n. Microbulbifer, small bearer of bulbs).[2]


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