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University of Exeter Science Fiction Society T-shirt logo designed by Kevin Clarke in 1982 for the first Microcon. The design features "Sluggy", the alien mascot of the original society. Photographed in 2008 by Steve Green and reproduced here with the artist's permission.

Microcon is an annual science fiction and fantasy convention, held annually at the University of Exeter in Exeter, Devon, England since 1982, usually over the first weekend in March. It is organised by the Exeter University Science Fiction and Fantasy Society.

History and guest speakers[edit]

  • Microcon (12–13 March 1982): Lisa Tuttle[1]
  • Microcon II (5–6 February 1983): According to a contemporary report, there was no guest of honour at this event.[2]

(As the numbering increased by five in just four years, it appears likely it jumped a digit during 1984 - 1986)


Microcon's misnumbering in the mid-1980s (see above) was spotted during research for Steve Green's 2008 guest presentation.


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