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Micrografx Inc.
FoundedRichardson, Texas (1982)
DefunctJuly 16, 2001 (2001-07-16) [1]
SuccessorAlludo Edit this on Wikidata

Micrografx (Micrografx Inc., Richardson, Texas) was a United States-based software-house most notable for its graphics products. It was founded in 1982 by Paul and George Grayson and was a pioneer for graphics products for Windows.

Micrografx acquired Roykore Inc and their ABC Suite, which included ABC Flowcharter and ABC Orgchart of software in 1992. They acquired AdvanEdge Technologies in Tualatin, OR and their process simulation software Optima! in 1997.[2] In 1999 they combined the products and shipped iGrafx v8.

Corel and Micrografx were competitors in 1996 for Windows 95 users seeking graphics software. CorelDraw 6 attracted graphics professionals, while Micrografx ABC Graphics Suite attracted general users in the business community.[3] The company was acquired by Corel in late 2001. With this acquisition, the Micrografx graphics line (e.g. Micrografx Picture Publisher, Micrografx Designer) was integrated into the Corel portfolio. Since 2003, the former Micrografx software section for business process analysis is represented by the separate business unit iGrafx.[1][4]

Despite not being actively maintained or officially distributed, a scattered community still enjoys Micrografx products as legacy software.

Products range[edit]

A business-oriented graphics software bundle, released in 1995, featuring ABC Flowcharter, Designer and Picture Publisher and ABC Media Manager.
  • Optima!
A process simulation software created by AdvanEdge Technologies, later acquired.
  • ABC SnapGraphix
  • Crayola Art
  • Micrografx Charisma
    A charting application with the ability to combine several charts on one printed page and limited vector graphics capabilities to enrich the results.
  • Micrografx Simply 3D
  • Micrografx Designer
    Released as In*A*Vision graphic software for Windows 1.0 in 1986, this Vector graphics editor was renamed to Micrografx Designer when version 2 was released in 1990. In 1995, Micrografx bundled its graphic software with the Micrografx ABC-Suite. After the acquisition by Corel in 2001, the product was continued as Corel Designer.
  • Micrografx Photo Magic
    a Raster graphics editor
  • Micrografx Webtricity
  • Picture Publisher
  • Micrografx Windows Draw
    A desktop publishing application that worked well in conjunction with Photo Magic


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