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Microgramma heterophylla - Lyman Plant House, Smith College - DSC04269.JPG
Microgramma heterophylla
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta
Class: Pteridopsida
Order: Polypodiales
(unranked): Eupolypods I
Family: Polypodiaceae
Subfamily: Polypodioideae
Genus: Microgramma
C. Presl

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Pleurogonium (C. Presl) Lindl. Solanopteris Copel.

Microgramma, with the common names of the vine ferns or snakeferns, is a genus of ferns in the family Polypodiaceae. [1][2]


Species in the genus are native to tropical ecoregions in The Americas and/or Africa. [1][3]

Regions and countries include: Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, South America (including Argentina and Brazil), tropical Africa, southern Africa, and western Indian Ocean islands. [1][2][4] [5]


Species of Microgramma include (list may be incomplete): [1][6]

  • Microgramma bifrons
  • Microgramma dictyophylla
  • Microgramma heterophylla (L.) Wherry. — Climbing vine fern, native to the Caribbean. [7]
  • Microgramma latevagans
  • Microgramma lycopodiodes (L.) Copel. — Tropical Africa, Madagascar; Mauritius, South Africa. [8]
  • Microgramma megalophylla
  • Microgramma mauritiana (Willd.) Tardieu. — endemic to Mauritius. Syn: Microgramma lycopodioides (L.) Copel.[9]
  • Microgramma microsoroides
  • Microgramma nitida — Mexico.
  • Microgramma percussa
  • Microgramma persicariifolia
  • Microgramma piloselloides (L.) Copel. — northern Mexico. [10]
  • Microgramma reptans (Cav.) A. R. Sm. —Chiapas (Mexico), Cuba, Central America, northern and western South America. [11] Syn: Microgramma ciliata (Willd.) Alston. [12]
  • Microgramma squamulosa
  • Microgramma tecta
  • Microgramma tuberosa — Mexico, Central America, South America, Brazil.
  • Microgramma tuberosum (Maxon) Lellinger. — endemic to Zamora-Chinchipe Province, Ecuador. IUCN Red List Endangered species. [13]
  • Microgramma vacciniifolia (Langsd. & Fisch.) Copel. — Caribbean (Grenada, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago), Brazil, northern/southern/western South America. [14]


Further reading[edit]

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