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Microplane is a registered trademark of Grace Manufacturing Inc., a company that makes photo etched steel tools (surform tools) for grating, grinding and sanding.

Kitchen graters[edit]

A Microplane grater / zester in use

Microplane graters are used for the grating of various food items, such as nutmeg and cheese, and also as zesters for citrus fruit.

Wood rasps[edit]

Microplane originally made wood rasps and shaving disks and they continue to do so today.

Legal actions[edit]

In 2002, Grace Manufacturing Inc filed a lawsuit against Browne and Co. Ltd. among others, alleging that the Cuisipro "Accutec" line of etched graters infringed on Microplane patents, and that Browne and Co. practices with regard to the Acutec brand represented unfair competition. Grace further made public statements at that time, intended to create distance between their graters and the Acutec line of products, particularly from the historical context associated with Microplane (for example, stating that only Microplane products had a history in woodworking use(such as crafting skills to make historical replicas of atlatl), and that Acutec was not to be considered a next-generation design). However, after several years of litigation process, the suit ultimately led to a mutual settlement (May/June 2005 with details being filed as confidential), which allows Grace to continue with their patented process and Browne with their process (which is patent pending). Both versions are being widely distributed around the world today.

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